Carmelo Anthony Has The Power

Carmelo Anthony” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Carmelo Anthony is only willing to waive his no trade clause to be traded to the Houston Rockets. That no trade clause gives Carmelo more power than anyone else in this situation. By saying that he’ll only waive his no trade clause for Houston, Carmelo Anthony isn’t giving the Knicks much of a choice.

The Knicks used to have a little more flexibility in this situation, being that Carmelo had previously said he’d waive his no trade clause for Houston or Cleveland. Now that Kyrie Irving will likely be on his way out of Cleveland soon, Carmelo is no longer is willing to be traded there. It’s Houston or nothing for the Knicks.

Come on Knicks, Just Be Smart

Keeping Carmelo Anthony isn’t going to help the Knicks be a winning team this year or in the future. If they choose not to trade Carmelo Anthony, all signs point to him opting out of his contract after this season to become a free agent. If this is the case, Carmelo leaves and the Knicks get nothing in return.

The Knicks need to make the smart move here. They have one team to negotiate with. Trade Carmelo Anthony to the Houston Rockets and at least get something in return. They should do everything they can to get assets from the Houston Rockets. The price for Carmelo Anthony would usually be pretty high, but the Rockets don’t have enough high value pieces to give up. The value Houston could give New York is a lot lower than what the Knicks could get from other teams, but they don’t really have a choice. It’s Carmelo’s choice.

The Knicks could get draft picks and some nice role players, but they’re not going to get star value. It’s not exactly an ideal trade situation, but wouldn’t you rather get something rather than nothing? Draft picks and role players can help you build your team. Nothing doesn’t do anything for you.

The Knicks are wasting their time. Carmelo Anthony needs to go and he needs to go now. The longer they wait, the less Houston will be willing to give up. Look at the Pacers. They could have had Kyrie Irving, but they waited and got Victor Oladipo instead. The longer the Knicks wait, the less control they’ll have over what they get in return. There’s nothing stopping Carmelo Anthony from leaving after this season. If he’s not traded to the Rockets this year, what’s going to stop him from signing there a year from now?

I’m not sure what the Knicks are trying to get out of this situation, but whatever it is, they probably won’t get it. It’s as simple as this: Trade Carmelo Anthony to the Houston Rockets as soon as possible and get assets in return, or don’t trade him, let him become a free agent, and get nothing for him. It seems like an easy choice to me. I’ll take the assets.

A team never wants to lose a star player, but the Knicks have to, even if they don’t want to. Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have control over what the Rockets could give the Knicks, but he does have control over the Knicks making a trade with the Rockets. If the Knicks do what Carmelo wants, it could seem like a bad dream. On the other hand, if they don’t do what he wants, it could end up being a nightmare.



  1. Great article. Personally I’m a knicks fan and contrary to popular belief some of us still want him to stay; that is what our upper management is doing right now. At the end of the day this is a business, being said Carmelo Anthony is a business entity needed for our franchise. Melo has been a star before and since the trade to New York. If Melo stays he is a long term jersey sale/ sure fire first ballot HOF’ER.

    Houston has nothing for us right now, if we are to trade Melo who is a franchise player who can help Houston win right now we need at least two future first round picks since they can’t trade anyone on their current roster or afford to at next years expense.

    If we are to get Kyrie my first thought is to keep Melo. We would be losing Frank. N who we took this year plus another shooter in all likelihood assuming Melo doesn’t want to move to Cleveland. A roster of KP, Melo( who has said in interviews he is ready to play a smaller role), Kyrie, Hernan, Hardaway, Sessions, O’ Quinn can easily be a top 3 team in the east.

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  2. Like the article but I disagree with 1 point you made. That is that its difficult to give a way a star player. For most teams yes you are correct, but for the Knicks its not difficult. They had a star player in Melo last year and where did it get them? They were watching the playoffs from the same place you and I watched the playoffs, on the couch…just a much, much nicer couch. You said it yourself, the Knicks need to get something from Melo and they need draft picks badly. Even if they can only get 2nd round picks thats worth it in my mind, especially since they had to give up a 2nd round pick just to get their GM!


  3. 2nd round picks are not ok for a star player unless there are at the very least 3-4 second round picks, you have places for them in your teams’ scheme on offense and D because otherwise you are getting bottom level NBA talent for a former perennial All-star who generates money for your team over the course of the next 4 decades possibly.

    It is no easy task to get rid of your star player for more than just on the court reasons. Melo was not the issue with the knicks this year. The issue with the knicks was they were a talented team playing in an offensive scheme that nobody on the team was conditioned or had played in before.

    It is not as simple as trade Melo, he sucks and has no value so we have to start over. Make the right decision if you are trading your franchise player is leaving and have teams overpay for a fading superstar that has intangible value to the future of the franchise. Fans love the players and if he sticks it out he may be the most beloved knick of all time right next to Walt or Earl. Worst case scenario you keep him on two years let KP continue to learn from him/ become the primary offensive weapon, then if he decides to leave his failure not to win in New York is on himself.

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