Kansas City Has Already Established Themselves As True Contenders

Kansas City Chiefs” by .sanden. is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The first game of the NFL season is in the books, and it’s likely one we’ll remember the entire season. The Chiefs and Patriots faced off in an exciting and unexpected game. During the first half of the game, things looked like how most of us thought it would. The Patriots went into half time with a 17-14 lead over the Chiefs. The Patriots entered the fourth quarter with a 27-21 lead, but then the unexpected happened.

The Kansas City Chiefs exploded for 21 points in the fourth quarter! That wasn’t even the most unexpected part. What nobody expected was the Patriots going scoreless in the final quarter of this game. The Kansas City Chiefs walked out of the season opener with a 42-27 victory over the New England Patriots. There’s something you don’t hear too often.

Ever since Andy Reid took over as the Chiefs head coach, the Chiefs have had a winning record. The worst record they’ve had is 9-7. The other three years have resulted in either 11 or 12 wins. Despite the success of this team since 2013, I’ve never really seen them as real contenders. I’ve always seen the Chiefs as a good team who will lose in the first playoff game they play, but I think this year is different.

What I saw from the Chiefs on Thursday night against the Patriots, was something I haven’t seen from the Chiefs before. They didn’t back down when the Patriots were up, something most teams would do. They did to the Patriots what the Patriots do to everyone else. They dominated when it mattered most.

I know it’s only the first week of the season, but I believe in what I saw from Kansas City. They’re legit this year. I don’t care if it’s week 1, week 8, or week 16. If you score 42 points on the Patriots and hold them to 0 points in the fourth quarter, you’re for real.

42 points. 42 points! The Chiefs put up 42 points against a New England defense that allowed the fewest points in the league last year (15.6). Almost everyone was against the Chiefs, and I’ll be the first to admit that I was against them too. I predicted the Patriots would win this game, but I was clearly wrong. The Chiefs offense took control when it mattered most, and made everyone aware of who they are this year.

Alex Smith exploded for 368 yards and 4 TD’s, missing just 7 passes the entire game. Tyreek Hill exploded for 7 catches for 133 yards and a TD. Kareem Hunt double exploded for 148 rushing yards, 98 receiving yards, and 3 total TD’s. The Chiefs offense is explosive this year. It was tough for the Patriots defense to cover all their weapons, and I’m guessing that’s how it will be every game for every team.

While the 42 points put up by the offense deserves a lot of credit, so does the Chiefs defense. When you make a 5 time Super Bowl winning quarterback look average, credit is due. To put into perspective just how average the Chiefs made Tom Brady look, let’s look at his numbers for this game and compare them to his career averages.

Tom Brady has a career average of 63.7% completion percentage. Against the Chiefs, he completed just 44.4% of his passes. His career average QB rating is 97.1. Against the Chiefs, he had a QB rating of 70.0. The Chiefs defense is for real.

There’s still a long way to go in this NFL season. The Chiefs will probably have some bad games here and there, but they’ve already shown us what they can potentially play like each and every week. A team that can play like that deserves to be in the conversation as a Super Bowl contender. I’m not saying the Kansas City Chiefs will be making a Super Bowl appearance this year, but I think this team is a lot closer to a Super Bowl than any Chiefs team we’ve seen in recent years.

I apologize to the Chiefs for doubting them against the Patriots. What the Chiefs did to the Patriots has me even more excited for the rest of the season. I’m excited to watch the Chiefs. I’m excited to see what other teams surprise us this year. The Chiefs started the NFL season off right, and to them I say, well done Chiefs, well done.



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