NFL Week 2 Picks

Week 2 of the NFL is almost here! Week 1 was exciting. We saw everything we could have hoped for from big plays to horrific performances. There were a few surprises in the outcome of games, but not too many. Last week I predicted each game for Week 1. I ended up being correct on 12 of 15 (80%) outcomes, which is pretty good if you ask me. I’m going to keep a tally going throughout the entire season and see how I do.

Last week I feel like I went with the popular choices for the most part, and it mostly worked out in my favor. This week, I feel like I went with some unpopular choices. I’m taking a little bit of a risk on some of these, but I’m sticking with my picks. We’ll see how that goes for me.

Texans vs Bengals (Thursday)

Both offense’s looked horrible in Week 1. Deshaun Watson looked better than Tom Savage, but the offense still didn’t look good. Watson will be starting in this game, but we’re still not quite sure what the rookie will bring. Could be bad or it could be good. Andy Dalton had one of the worst performances of his career, and he’s had quite a few horrific performances. The good thing for Dalton and the Bengals, is that most of the time he can shake it off and perform like a starting quarterback the weeks following. I think this game comes down to which quarterback performs better. I’m going to go with Dalton in this one just because of his experience.

Prediction: Bengals

Bills vs Panthers

The Bills looked pretty good in their first game of the season. Both the offense and defense were solid. Nothing flashy, but solid. I don’t think we can be sure that’s what we’ll get from the Bills all season yet though. They were playing the Jets after all. Playing the Panthers will be a bigger test for the Bills. I think what we saw from the Panthers was similar to what we saw from the Bills last week. Nothing special, but they got the job done. They weren’t playing a great team either. I like the weapons Cam Newton has around him, so that’s why I’m going with the Panthers.

Prediction: Panthers

Bears vs Buccaneers

Mike Glennon and the Bears put up a real fight against the Falcons. I thought the Falcons were going to blow out the Bears, but that was nowhere near the case. I was impressed with what I saw. I think they can keep this game competitive, but I’m still picking the Buccaneers to come away with the victory. I love what Jameis Winston has around him on offense. He’s got too many weapons for the Bears to handle. The Buccaneers know what Mike Glennon brings to the table, so they’ll figure out a way to expose his weaknesses and come away with a victory in their opening game.

Prediction: Buccaneers

Browns vs Ravens

The Browns put up a fight against the Steelers last week. Rookie DeShone Kizer looked pretty good. He wasn’t perfect, but he was solid. This Ravens defense will be a big test for Kizer and the Browns offense. They forced Andy Dalton to commit 5 turnovers last week. I don’t think they’ll have that many turnovers in this one, but I’m sure they’ll force one or two. This Ravens defense is too good for a Cleveland Browns offense that is still learning to grow.

Prediction: Ravens

Titans vs Jaguars

The Titans looked like the same Titans to me, and by that I mean a team that will be average at best. Even last season when they almost made the playoffs, they were still average because of a weak division. Their offense didn’t get much going, and the defense couldn’t handle the Raiders weapons. This week they have a little bit easier of a challenge, but it will still be a challenge. The Jags rookie running back, Leonard Fournette, looked great in his NFL debut. He rushed for 100 yards and scored a TD. I think the Jaguars continue to rely on Fournette and the ground game, opening things up for Bortles. The Jaguars defense was also impressive last week, and I think that continues against the Titans. Jaguars get to 2-0. Didn’t think I’d be saying that for a long time.

Prediction: Jaguars

Cardinals vs Colts

This Colts team made the Rams look like one of the better teams in the NFL. Scott Tolzien looked like garbage, as expected. Jacoby Brissett looked okay, but he only had 3 pass attempts. While Carson Palmer and the Cardinals offense didn’t look very good either, I think they’re stability at the quarterback position gets them a win. If Tolzien starts again, it’s a Cardinals win for sure. Despite losing star running back David Johnson, the Cardinals offense will still be able to outscore the Colts offense with ease.

Prediction: Cardinals

Eagles vs Chiefs

I doubted the Chiefs against the Patriots last week, and they proved me wrong. They looked incredible at the end of that game. I was very impressed with them on both sides of the ball in the fourth quarter. The Eagles were also victorious in Week 1, beating the Redskins 30-17. Despite scoring 30 points, I don’t think they have enough to outplay the Chiefs on defense. The Chiefs made Tom Brady look average, and I think they make Carson Wentz look average in this one also.

Prediction: Chiefs

Vikings vs Steelers

This is a tough one for me to pick. The Vikings offense looked great against the Saints, but the Saints defense isn’t elite in any way. Other than the incredible Antonio Brown, the Steelers offense didn’t look that good against the Browns. This week they play one of the better defense’s in the league. Antonio Brown will still get his, but I think the Vikings will give the rest of the Steelers offense fits. Do I think Bradford and the Vikings offense will look as good as it did? No, but they’ll be good enough to get the job done against another defense that had it’s fair share of problems last season.

Prediction: Vikings

Patriots vs Saints

This one is almost too easy to pick. The Saints defense got shredded by Sam Bradford, and they’ll get shredded by Tom Brady. The Patriots will not go 0-2. I just can’t see it happening. The Patriots defense is better than what we saw last week against the Chiefs. This is a good game for the Patriots to get their groove back.

Prediction: Patriots

Jets vs Raiders

Another easy decision here. The Raiders aren’t going to be beaten by the Jets. They’re too good to let that happen. The Jets have problems all over their roster. The Raiders offense will simply be too much for the Jets defense, although they probably won’t have to score much. The Jets offense was terrible last week, and it will continue to be terrible this week.

Prediction: Raiders

Dolphins vs Chargers

The Dolphins will be playing their first game of the season because of the rescheduling of their Week 1 game. Like many teams in Week 1, I think the Dolphins will struggle to find their groove in their first game. Still not too sure how the Jay Cutler situation will work out there. The Chargers are coming off a close loss to the Broncos. Rivers had a good last quarter, and I think that will carry over to this game. Chargers avoid starting 0-2.

Prediction: Chargers

Cowboys vs Broncos

This will be another tough game for the Cowboys. The had a tough test against the Giants, and they passed. Much like the Giants defense, the Broncos defense is one of the best. They struggled against the run last year, which plays right into the strength of the Cowboys. Dak Prescott has proven he can handle a tough defense also. The Broncos are coming off a win against the Chargers, but they were pretty close to losing that game. The Denver offense is average, but their defense is great. Can Dallas have another good outing on defense? Can Dallas handle the Denver defense the way they did with the Giants? I think they can, and they’ll get the win because of it.

Prediction: Cowboys

Redskins vs Rams

Head Coach Sean McVay faces his former team this week. The Redskins seemed to struggle without him, and the Rams looked great with him. I don’t think the Rams will put up 46 points again, but I think they’ll outscore the Redskins. McVay knows what Kirk Cousins is all about. He’ll be able to expose his weaknesses and force him to turn the ball over at least a couple times. Cousins will continue to prove why the Redskins won’t pay him a fat amount of money.

Prediction: Rams

49ers vs Seahawks

This game is an easy one to choose. The 49ers looked horrible in their first game, scoring just 3 points against the Panthers. This week they play one of the best defensive units in the NFL in the Seattle Seahawks. Even though the Seattle offense looked bad last week, I don’t think it will matter much in this game. Seattle’s defense helps them cruise to an easy win in Week 2.

Prediction: Seahawks

Packers vs Falcons (Sunday Night)

Here’s a tough one. The Falcons destroyed the Packers last season in the playoffs, but this is a slightly different Falcons offense because of their new offensive coordinator. The Packers are also much improved on the defensive side of the ball this time around. Green Bay held Seattle to just 9 points. I’m pretty sure the Falcons will score more than 9 points, but I think Aaron Rodgers will be able to outscore whatever the Falcons put on the board. The Falcons almost losing to the Bears made me shy away from picking them. The Packers seemed to handle the Seahawks defense just fine.

Prediction: Packers

Lions vs Giants (Monday Night)

Stafford started off the game against the Cardinals poorly by throwing a pick six, but then he bounced right back and threw 4 TD’s. The Giants defense will be a bigger challenge for him than the Cardinals were. This Giants defense got beat by Dallas last week, but the Cowboys offense is very well rounded. The Lions are more of a one dimensional team. Their running game isn’t great. The Giants offense is similar in how they struggle to run the ball, but they should be getting Odell Beckham back this week, which is a huge game changer. With Beckham back in the lineup, I think the Giants offense gets things going, while the Lions offense will struggle.

Prediction: Giants


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