NFL Week 3 Picks


Week 2 didn’t go as well for me as I had hoped. I predicted only half (8 of 16) of the games correctly, which now brings my total to down to 20 out of 31 (64.5%) on the season. It’s not terrible, but I’m determined to get it back up!

After two weeks of the season, I’m still not sure we really know who a lot of teams really are. Some teams played very well in week 1, but very poorly in week 2. Take the Jaguars and Cowboys for example. Both had great victories in week 1, but they looked terrible in week 2. Who are they as a team? It’s still too early to be sure. Within the next couple of weeks we should get a better idea, but for now we have to go off of a small sample size. Here are my picks for each week 3 game.

Rams vs 49ers (Thursday)

I think the Rams still have a ways to go before they’re really going to be competitive, but their schedule has been favorable so far. A week 1 game against the Andrew Luckless Colts, a week 2 game against the Redskins which was very winnable, and now a game against the lowly 49ers. The Rams won’t have to be good this week to get a win. The 49ers have scored 12 points in 2 games. Their offense has been and will be terrible. Rams move to 2-1.

Prediction: Rams

Ravens vs Jaguars

The Ravens defense has been great so far this year. While they haven’t faced a tough offense yet, they’re defense has still been impressive, giving up just 10 points in 2 games. They face another offense that isn’t great this week. After week 1, I thought the Jaguars may be a decent team this year, but after last week I’m not so sure. They’re too inconsistent, and this Ravens defense is too good to be beaten by inconsistency.

Prediction: Ravens

Steelers vs Bears

After a close game against the Falcons in week 1, the Bears got blown out by the Buccaneers in week 2. If Jameis Winston and company can do that to the Bears defense, I can only imagine what Roethlisberger, Bell, and Brown will do to them. After an average week for Antonio Brown in week 2, I can see him having another field day similar to week 1. Mike Glennon and the Bears just don’t have what it takes to outscore the Steelers.

Prediction: Steelers

Buccaneers vs Vikings

The Buccaneers had a great performance in their first game of the season on both sides of the ball. The Vikings have a much better defense than the Bears do, so things will be a little tougher this week. I’m not sure if Sam Bradford will be playing for the Vikings this week. Without him, the Vikings offense wasn’t good. The uncertainty with the Vikings on offense has me leaning toward the Buccaneers.

Prediction: Buccaneers

Dolphins vs Jets

The way things have gone for the Jets so far is about what I expected from them. There’s a good chance I’m going to pick them to lose every game this season. The Dolphins on the other hand looked better than I thought. Jay Cutler looked pretty good, and Jay Ajayi ran all over the chargers. The Jay and Jay combo will perform well against this Jets defense and get the Dolphins another win.

Prediction: Dolphins

Falcons vs Lions

The reigning MVP vs the highest paid player in NFL history. Who wins? The Lions played well against the Giants, but the Falcons seemed to be back to their old selves by scoring 34 points on the Packers. Atlanta is more well rounded than Detroit. The Lions had a decent game running against the Giants, but I haven’t seen it consistently enough. The Falcons offense is consistently well rounded, making things tough on any defense. The reigning MVP and his crew come out on top.

Prediction: Falcons

Broncos vs Bills

The Broncos dismantled the Dallas Cowboys last week! They shouldn’t have a problem facing this Bills offense. Without many weapons, Tyrod Taylor will struggle against this fantastic all around defense. They struggled against the Panthers defense, and the Broncos are much better defensively.

Prediction: Broncos

Saints vs Panthers

The Saints have one of the better quarterbacks in the league, but their defense doesn’t do him any favors. They consistently make it hard on Brees to put up enough points to win. The Panthers defense has only allowed 6 points this season, and while I don’t think they’ll keep the Saints out of the end zone for 4 quarters, I do think they’ll be able to keep the Saints offense off the field enough. The Panthers shouldn’t have trouble scoring enough points against the defense of the Saints.

Prediction: Panthers

Browns vs Colts

The Browns struggled against one of the better defense’s in the league last week, but the good news is that they’re not playing a good defense this week. The Colts defense didn’t give up a ton of points last week, but they were playing the struggling Cardinals. The Browns made the game against the Steelers in week 1 competitive. I think they’re showing some fight, which is why I’m taking them over the Colts. The Colts are just looking bad. They need Andrew Luck back, but I’m not sure that would do much good.

Prediction: Browns

Texans vs Patriots

The Texans have been struggling this year. They got beat by the Jaguars, and they only beat the Bengals by 4. If they struggled against those teams, how do you think they’re going to do against the Patriots? Yeah, they’re going to struggle big time.

Prediction: Patriots

Giants vs Eagles

Everyone thought the Giants would look better with Odell Beckham back, but that wasn’t the case. Well technically they were better. They scored 10 points instead of 3. I feel like they’ll hit a stride at some point, but it won’t be this week. Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense will play well enough to outscore the Giants. It shouldn’t be too hard based on how the Giants offense has looked so far.

Prediction: Eagles

Seahawks vs Titans

I didn’t watch the Seahawks game against the 49ers, but I saw the score when it was tied at 9’s. I knew the Seahawks would win. I feel like when they play bad teams, they struggle also. Good news for them is that they somehow always find a way to barely get the win. I’m still not sure what the Titans are as a team. They looked bad in week 1 and good in week 2. The uncertainty has me going with the Seattle defense to keep the Titans off the board just enough for the Seahawks to sneak out another win.

Prediction: Seahawks

Chiefs vs Chargers

Alex Smith has weapons all around. In week 1 he threw to Tyreek Hill all game, and in week 2 he threw to Travis Kelce all game. Oh, and there’s Kareem Hunt tearing it up on the ground! The Chargers are going to have a tough time stopping this offense. Phillip Rivers and the offense have been having a hard time scoring, and that will continue against a solid Chiefs defense.

Prediction: Chiefs

Bengals vs Packers

Is there even a need to explain who I’m going to pick in this game? We know how the Bengals offense has looked so far. Aaron Rodgers vs Andy Dalton is an easy choice. Aaron Rodgers all day.

Prediction: Packers

Raiders vs Redskins (Sunday Night)

The Raiders were on fire offensively last week, and I think that continues into this week. Too many weapons for the Redskins to cover. The Raiders defense is still questionable, but they have a great offense on the other side to help them out. The Redskins beat the Rams last week, but I’m not impressed with their win. Until they can prove otherwise, they’re a middle of the road team at best. The Raiders are elite, and the Redskins aren’t.

Prediction: Raiders

Cowboys vs Cardinals (Monday Night)

After looking good against the Giants in week 1, everyone thought the Cowboys defense was a much improved unit. Turns out the Giants are just bad offensively, even with Odell Beckham Jr. The Cowboys defense, and offense for that matter, got smashed by the Broncos. On the other side of this game, the Cardinals have struggled offensively so far this season. Carson Palmer has a 65.6 rating through two games, and their running game has been awful. After a down week for the Cowboys, I think the offense bounces back, while the defense plays a lot better against a struggling Cardinals offense.

Prediction: Cowboys






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