Biggest Reason for the Giants 0-2 Start is…..???


Eli Manning” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Coming into the 2017 season, many predicted the Giants to not only win the NFC East, but to be in the Super Bowl. Now only two weeks into the NFL season, the Giants season is on the brink of falling apart.

Most have seen this stat by now, but since the NFL went to 12 playoff teams in 1990, only 12% of 0-2 teams have made the playoffs. So saying the Giants have an uphill battle would be putting it lightly.

Now the real question is, how did a season with so much promise turn into such a debacle in the early goings?

Well when you start to break it down, you realize that this team has a lot of holes up and down its roster. It starts to make you wonder why the Giants were so highly touted heading into this season.

But I digress, The obvious reason for the Giants offensive struggles has been the ineptitude of the offensive line. Currently the Giants offensive line ranks 29th in the NFL, and trust me they haven’t been that good. Through two weeks, Manning has been sacked eight times and hit twelve, including that monstrous hit he took on Monday night against the Lions.

The inability to run the football also falls onto the offensive line. The Giants have averaged 3.2 yards per rush, zero touchdowns, and only have three runs of 10+ yards. That’s not even getting into the fact that Ereck Flowers is suppose to be one of their best offensive lineman, and he ranks 44th out of 71 qualifying tackles in the NFL according to Pro Football Reference.

The offensive line is bad, we get that. Manning has been lackluster to say the least and continues to look like a 36 year old quarterback. However, the person who deserves the most blame is hands down Ben McAdoo.

McAdoo, in his second season with the Giants has shown one thing, that he isn’t an NFL coach. He’s the definition of a glorified coordinator who chokes when he gets his shot. The entire reason that McAdoo got the job was because it was believed that the Giants new look, explosive offense needed a bright young mind.

Well that hasn’t worked, its actually gone the otherway. In 2016 the Giants ranked 26th in the NFL in total team offense, and through the first two games this year they rank yet again 26th in the NFL. Now you have Mcadoo going out after the game and calling Eli out. While his point was right, you don’t do that publicly, its a bad look.

Furthermore, McAdoo was handed a bad offensive line. That’s not his fault, but as the HEADCOACH¬† your supposed to COACH the players given to you and put them in the best position to succeed. McAdoo is supposed to be developing these players, but instead most of the young players look like they don’t even belong on an NFL field.

The most alarming thing to see is the lack of change. If something isn’t working, you usually tend to adjust it. Apparently McAdoo didn’t get the memo. If you’re having a hard time up front, then maybe don’t run the ball on every first down, and then do five to seven step drop backs that are getting your quarterback killed.

If McAdoo is smart, he would come out on Sunday against the Eagles and run the two minute offense, and for once play to his players strength. While there is certainly risk to it, it’s what Manning does best. It’s how he won two Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVP’S. It will also benefit the offensive line to only have to block two-three seconds, and give them a steady rhythm.

Now the pressure is really on McAdoo this week. If they win against the Eagles, then everything is okay for one week. If they lose and go 0-3, then get ready because McAdoo is gonna be a big target.



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