NFL Week 4 Picks

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This NFL season is all over the place! There’s hardly been any consistency. One week the Broncos are blowing out the Cowboys, and the next they only score 16 points in a loss to the Bills. One week the the Jaguars score 16 points in a loss to the Titans, and the next they’re scoring 44 points against a Ravens defense that had only allowed 10 total points in two games!

Through three weeks of the season, I don’t believe we have a clear picture of who the true contenders are. Hopefully soon some of these teams will find a groove. These teams are really screwing up my picking percentage! Last week I only predicted 7 of 16 games correctly, meaning I’ve been worse every week so far. My total is now 27 out of 47 (57%). Despite two weeks of horrible picks, this is the week I get back on track. I can feel it!

Bears vs Packers(Thursday)

The Bears had a surprising win over the Steelers last week, while the Packers had a surprisingly close game against the Bengals. Can the Bears sustain their play against another thought to be superior team? The Packers have been a little banged up, but they still have Aaron Rodgers, so I choose the Packers.

Prediction: Packers

Saints vs Dolphins

Drew Brees and the Saints poured it on the Panthers last week. They scored 34 on a defense that had only allowed 6 points through the first two games. While the Saints were looking good, the Dolphins were looking horrible. Just horrible! They almost got shut out by the Jets. Losing to the Jets gives me no confidence in the Dolphins. Saints win.

Prediction: Saints

Panthers vs Patriots

The Panthers had a bad game last week, and that was against the Saints defense. If anyone needs a reminder, the Saints defense isn’t good. This week they’re playing the Patriots defense, which has had it’s fair share of struggles so far, but I don’t think the Panthers offense will look good this week either. Even if the Panthers can keep it a close game, the Patriots have Tom Brady. They almost lost the Texans last week, but then Tom Brady happened. Advantage Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots

Jaguars vs Jets

The Jets have won a game! I honestly wasn’t sure if it was going to happen this year, but Miami had to go and ruin a perfect 0-16 season! Coming off a win, the Jets will come crashing down. I don’t know how the Jaguars did it, but they scored 44 points on the Ravens. 44 points! If they can do that to the Ravens defense, they can do it to the Jets.

Prediction: Jaguars

Titans vs Texans

This is one of those games that I think could go either way. Aside from a couple turnovers, Deshaun Watson played pretty well against the Patriots. While he looks to be improving, he’s still got a lot to learn. The Titans won a battle against the Seahawks, running all over the tough Seattle defense. I like the Titans experience at quarterback, as well as their ability to run the ball in this game.

Prediction: Titans

Steelers vs Ravens

I was very surprised to see the Steelers lose to the Bears last week. Very surprised. I was even more surprised to see the Ravens get trampled by the Jaguars. I had the Ravens defense in for my fantasy game, and they got me -2 points. Luckily I still won! Not only did the Ravens defense get shredded, but the offense looked horrible. Joe Flacco had a rating of 12.0, which led to him being benched. That’s just simply unacceptable. I think the Ravens offense continues to struggle, and the Ravens defense gets burned by Antonio Brown.

Prediction: Steelers

Bengals vs Browns

Battle of the 0-3 teams. This is another game that could go either way. The Bengals didn’t score a TD in their first two games, but then almost beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers last week. The Browns have been in a couple close games this year, losing 2 of 3 by just 3 points. I was thinking of picking the Browns, but then I imagined A.J. Green jumping over people to make catches. Close game, but I’m going with the Bengals.

Prediction: Bengals

Lions vs Vikings

Where in the world did that Case Keenum performance come from? He must have been saving that one for a special occasion. The Vikings whooped up on the Buccaneers. The Lions lost a close one to the Falcons, and I think they’ll lose another close one this week. The Vikings defense will give Stafford a hard time, and whoever the Vikings QB is will make enough plays to get a win.

Prediction: Vikings

Rams vs Cowboys

The Rams won a close game over the 49ers, but they have me worried because they gave up 39 points to a team that had scored only 12 points through two weeks. The Cowboys seemed to get back on track against the Cardinals, and I think they continue to have a good offensive outing against the Rams. The Cowboys will continue to feed Zeke, getting him back into the offense more. Oh, and believe it or not, they have the league leader in sacks (DeMarcus Lawrence) on their defensive line. I think Lawrence continues to wreak havoc on the Rams.

Prediction: Cowboys

Bills vs Falcons

The Bills surprised me by keeping the Broncos to only 16 points. They played very well defensively, but I don’t think they can stop the Falcons. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman top Trevor Siemian and the Broncos offense any day.

Prediction: Falcons

Eagles vs Chargers

The Eagles are playing better than I thought they would so far. They almost gave up a big lead against the Giants, but they held on when it mattered most. The Chargers have looked bad this year. Phillip Rivers was forced into a few turnovers last week, and I think the Eagles defense will be harassing him all game long.

Prediction: Eagles

49ers vs Cardinals

I don’t know where the offensive explosion by the 49ers came from, but I don’t think it lasts. The Cardinals have a good defense. Although they allowed the Cowboys to score 28 points, they didn’t make those points easy for them. Larry Fitzgerald was all over the place against the Cowboys, and I think he continues that against the 49ers. I really hope he does because he’s on my fantasy team!

Prediction: Cardinals

Giants vs Buccaneers

I couldn’t be happier that the Giants are 0-3, and I’m really hoping they get to 0-4. They almost came back to beat the Eagles, but they played horribly for most of that game. Their offense hasn’t looked good at all this season aside from some big Odell Beckham plays towards the end of their game last week. I think the offense continues to stall. The Giants will hang around, but the Buccaneers come away with the win.

Prediction: Buccaneers

Raiders vs Broncos

The Raiders looked horrible against the Redskins. They got nothing going offensively. That concerns me as they head to Denver. The “No Fly Zone” is going to be a tough challenge, especially on their home turf. I think the Raiders offense will struggle again, and the Broncos get the win.

Prediction: Broncos

Colts vs Seahawks(Sunday Night)

The Seahawks offense seemed to find a little bit of a groove, although they still lost. For Seahawks fans, it’s at least a good sign that they saw their team score a decent amount of points. Not a good sign that the defense allowed so many though. The Colts got a 3 point victory over the Browns. Getting a win may boost their confidence, but I don’t think they have enough talent to get another win this week.

Prediction: Seahawks

Redskins vs Chiefs(Monday Night)

The Redskins played very well against the Raiders, but this week they go to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. The Chiefs are one of two remaining undefeated teams, and I think they stay undefeated. The Chiefs offense has been hot all season, and I think that continues. I expect to see some more exciting plays from the league’s leading rusher, Kareem Hunt. What’s with rookies and leading the NFL in rushing these days?

Prediction: Chiefs


  1. The “No Fly Zone” currently ranks 20th in the NFL in average passing yards allowed. Also the Broncos still have a patch work offensive line with Raiders cast away Menelik Watson starting at Right Tackle. Khalil Mack, Mario Edwards and Bruce Irvin match up well against that o-line; so I think your pick for that game is a little off. It’s not like I’m a biased Raider fan or anything like that.


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