Week 6 NFL Picks

I chose a total of 9 games correctly in Week 5. 9 out of 14 (64.2%) isn’t too bad. My total is now up to 46 out of 77 (59.7%). I had a goal last week to get my percentage up to 60%. If you round up, I did it! Hopefully this week I’ll reach 60% without having to round. Things are started to become more clear in who the dominate teams are, so hopefully I can choose these games correctly. Week 6 has some good match ups that I’m excited to see! Check out my picks below!

Eagles vs Panthers (Thursday Night)

This is a tough call to start out the week. Both of these teams have a defense that allows less than 20 points per game. Carolina allows 18.8, while Philadelphia allows 19.8. Both teams also have an offense playing well. Cam is playing at a high level again, while Carson Wentz is having a great second season. I think Carolina has found it’s groove offensively. They just put up 27 points on a Lions defense that allows 19.4 points per game. Close game, but Panthers go to 5-1.

Prediction: Panthers

Dolphins vs Falcons

The Dolphins had a good game last week, but they were playing against a Marcus Mariota-less team with a defense that ranks 30th in the league in points allowed. Maybe the Dolphins game wasn’t so good, but they got a victory. While the Dolphins are only allowing 16.8 points per game, they’ve played the Chargers, Jets, Saints, and Titans. Not exactly the top tier of teams. Although not as elite as a year ago, Atlanta still has an elite offense. Jay Cutler struggles to keep up with Matt Ryan.

Prediction: Falcons

Bears vs Ravens

Mitch Trubisky gets his first road start. He was average in his first start, and I think he stays that way this game. The Ravens defense has feasted on opposing offense’s that aren’t elite. The Bears offense ranks 30th in points per game. The Ravens will have another great defensive game.

Prediction: Ravens

Browns vs Texans

I feel like the Browns are getting worse as the season goes on. They showed some fight early on, but haven’t done much in the last couple of weeks. The Texans have some defensive issues to deal with, but the Browns offense won’t be a threat to them. Deshaun Watson won’t have many problems offensively here.

Prediction: Texans

Lions vs Saints

The Lions have a pretty good defense, but the Saints have a pretty good offense. The Saints defense has played pretty well in their last couple games, and I think they continue that here. Stafford got banged up against the Panthers, and I can see those injuries carrying over into this game. Coming off a bye week, the Saints are fresh and the Lions aren’t.

Prediction: Saints

Packers vs Vikings

The Packers confidence has to be high right now. Aaron Rodgers makes the magic happen, especially when it’s needed most. The Vikings defense is much better than the Cowboys, but it won’t phase Rodgers. I just can’t see the Vikings offense being able to score enough points to keep up with a hot Aaron Rodgers.

Prediction: Packers

Patriots vs Jets

The Jets have moved themselves up to 3 wins, but they won’t get to 4 this week. There’s just no way Tom Brady and the Patriots are losing this game. The Jets might be 3-2, but the Patriots are still the Patriots. The Jets won’t beat an elite team. The best team they’ve beaten this year is the Jaguars, and I’m still not convinced they’re for real.

Prediction: Patriots

49ers vs Redskins

To start out the season I thought the Jets were going to be one of the teams to be 0-5 at this point, but now the 49ers are the team in question of winning a game. The Redskins hung in there with the best team in the league right now in their last game. The 49ers shouldn’t be a problem for the Redskins.

Prediction: Redskins

Rams vs Jaguars

What do you get when you have to choose between the team that’s 2nd in scoring vs the team that’s 2nd in points allowed? A tough decision is what you get! The Jaguars have the advantage when it comes to numbers. While ranking 2nd in points allowed, they also rank 5th in scoring. The Jaguars didn’t have any problems moving the ball against a Steelers defense currently ranking 6th in points allowed. The Rams defense ranks 23rd in points allowed right now, which is making me lean towards the Jaguars. In years past, this game would have been boring, but now these two teams are some of the best in the league. This should be a good game, but I’m giving the win to the Jaguars because of their defense.

Prediction: Jaguars

Buccaneers vs Cardinals

The Cardinals offense continues to struggle. While they do have a new weapon in Adrian Peterson, I don’t think he’ll help them enough. Carson Palmer has been average at best this year, and that’s not going to get it done. Jameis Winston has been the better quarterback so far this year. The better quarterback gets it done.

Prediction: Buccaneers

Steelers vs Chiefs

Big Ben was exposed by the Jaguars last week. He threw 5 interceptions, after which he said “Maybe I just don’t have it anymore.” This years Big Ben hasn’t been what we’re used to seeing. I don’t think the Chiefs will get 5 interceptions, but I think they’ll give the Steelers a hard time. The Chiefs have been on fire all season long, and they keep it that way this week.

Prediction: Chiefs

Chargers vs Raiders

The Chargers have a win! I would have given them an automatic win this week if Derek Carr was out, but it looks like he’s going to play in this game. Without Carr, the Raiders are horrible, but with him they’ve got a chance to win every game. The injury to Carr still concerns me at this point, and they also have a few other injuries to key players. The Chargers defensive line will get after Carr, and that’s got to be a concern for the Raiders, especially if Carr isn’t 100% healthy. I think the Chargers get the win this week, moving the Raiders to 2-4.

Prediction: Chargers

Giants vs Broncos

Do I really need to explain why the Broncos will win? The Giants still haven’t won a game. Their offense ranks 28th in points per game, and now they don’t have their top offensive weapons. Their offense only gets worse, and that’s never a good sign when you’re playing the Broncos.

Prediction: Broncos

Colts vs Titans

Do you take the worst defense or the second worst defense in the NFL? Both are horrible. Offense is where the Titans have an advantage. Marcus Mariota didn’t play last week, but things are pointing toward him playing in this game. If he does play, I’ll take the Titans over the Colts.

Prediction: Titans



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