Has Lonzo Backed the Hype so Far?

2013 Los Angeles Lakers 2” by Michael Tipton is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Lonzo Ball has come into the NBA as one of the most hyped players in recent memory. This is due to skill as a passer, as well as his father being very outspoken of his sons talent. The Lakers drafted Ball number two overall, hoping that he can become the face of the franchise. Players around the league have made it known that they won’t make things easy for the number two overall pick. He may be very talented, however he has a target on his back that wont go away. Ball had a rough opener, but since then he’s shown flashes of why the Lakers drafted him second overall.

Through Ball’s first six games, he’s averaging 10 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 7.7 assists per game. Ball struggled in his first game, looking like a rookie as he only scored three points. He bounced back in his next game, scoring 29 points while adding 11 rebounds to record his first career double double. Since that game against the Suns, Ball has struggled shooting. He is only shooting 31.1% on the season and 28.1% from three point range. On Wednesday, Ball had his hardest match-up of his young career as the Lakers played the Washington Wizards, matching Ball up with John Wall. Wall is one of the best Point Guards in the NBA and is very good defensively. Ball impacted the game as he had ten assists, but only scored eight points. With a collaborative effort, the Lakers were able to contain Wall, but the Wizards star did have some praise for Lonzo.

After the game Wall said, “He can pass, can score the ball, he just wasn’t making his shots tonight”. Even though Ball has struggled shooting so far, he’s showed his potential as he’s excelled in other areas of the game. Lonzo is under immense  pressure, as prior to the NBA draft his father said that his son was already better than Steph Curry. This didn’t go over well, as Curry is a two time MVP and has won two championships while Lonzo hadn’t even played a minute in the NBA.  Lonzo has done his best to shut out the outside noise as his father continues to be very outspoken about his sons talent. He’s tried to focus on just basketball and helping the Lakers win.

Lonzo is expected to lead this Lakers team as they try to become contenders again. That is no easy task, especially for someone who has a target on their back. The Lakers are off to a 2-4 start in the Ball Era. Ball is not the only young player the Lakers have high expectations for. The Lakers also have Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr., and Brandon Ingram.  The Lakers success this season will hinge on the development of Lonzo and their other young players. Their will be ups and downs like they’ve experienced so far this season. Regardless of how the season goes, it will be interesting for the Lakers. If Lonzo can continue to grow and improve his shooting, this could be a very fun team to watch. The future of the Lakers is bright, but it hinges heavily on the development of Lonzo Ball


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