Week 9 NFL Picks

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Source: https://www.norebbo.com/?s=nfl

For two weeks straight, I’ve picked 11 games correctly. The difference between week 7 and week 8, is that week 7 had 15 games while week 8 had 13 games. I only picked 2 games wrong last week. I’m up to a total of 74 out 119 (62.2%). Things have been good the last two weeks. Hopefully another 11 correct picks or higher week is in store for me!

Bills vs Jets (Thursday)

The Bills offense has been average this year. The addition of their new receiver Kelvin Benjamin will help, but what really makes the Bills a good team is their defense. They’re ranked 3rd in points allowed (16.4), making it very difficult for anyone to score. This week they play a Jets offense that averages less than 20 points per game. The Bills defense shouldn’t have any problems here.

Pick: Bills

Falcons vs Panthers

The Falcons defense struggled against the Jets offense. They came close to losing that game. It looked like the Jets were going to get the win for a while there. Believe it or not, the Panthers offense actually averages less points than the Jets. Sad, I know. Despite that, I think the Panthers can rely on their defense to keep them in the game. They have a top 5 defense right now, so I think Cam Newton and company should be able to outscore the Falcons.

Pick: Panthers

Colts vs Texans

This pick is an easy one for me. The Texans have the number one scoring offense right now, and this week they play the worst defense in the league. The Texans defense isn’t doing so well this season either, which is why they’re 3-4, but they play a Colts offense that scores less than 18 points a game. Deshaun Watson stays hot.

Pick: Texans

Bengals vs Jaguars

The Jaguars defense ranks 1st in points allowed, while the Bengals rank 9th. The Jaguars offense ranks 8th in points per game, while the Bengals rank 26th. There’s the difference in the game. The Jaguars can score and the Bengals can’t. The Jaguars defense leads the league in sacks this year. The Bengals already have trouble scoring, but now it will be even more difficult with Jaguars defenders all over Andy Dalton.

Pick: Jaguars

Buccaneers vs Saints (Lock)

The Buccaneers have a bad offense and a bad defense. The Saints have a top 6 scoring offense and a defense that’s nearing the top 10 in points allowed. Drew Brees has been on fire this season. He’s completed 70% of his passes, thrown 11 TD’s while throwing just 4 INT’s, and he has a rating of 101.7. Brees stays hot against the Bucs.

Pick: Saints

Rams vs Giants

Before their bye week, the Rams were one of few teams to rank in the top 10 both offensively and defensively. They now rank 11th defensively thanks to their bye week, and the Eagles playing the 49ers. The Rams are one of the best teams in the NFC, and they’re playing a Giants team who has struggled all season long. Rams win.

Pick: Rams

Broncos vs Eagles

Denver has lost 3 straight games. They’re also 0-3 on the road, and now travel to play the team with the best record in the NFL. Denver’s offense has been bad, averaging just over 18 points per game. This week they’re making a quarterback switch, but I don’t see it helping much. Denver’s defense is actually pretty good, but the offense doesn’t help them out very much at all. It’s just not a good combination when you’re playing an Eagles offense that scores 29 points per game.

Pick: Eagles

Ravens vs Titans

The offense’s for both teams are scoring about the same amount of points per game. The defense’s are very different though. The Ravens are ranked in the top 6 in points allowed, while the Titans are ranked 26th. The Titans offense seems to be more consistent than the Ravens, but the Ravens defense is better than the Titans. I’m going with the defense.

Pick: Ravens

Cardinals vs 49ers

The Cardinals and 49ers both have defense’s that rank in the bottom 3 in points allowed. They also both have bad offense’s. Both quarterbacks in this match-up are bad. Not exactly your Brady vs Manning type of game. I think this game comes down to who has the better running game, and I think it will be Adrian Peterson over Carlos Hyde.

Pick: Cardinals

Redskins vs Seahawks

Kirk Cousins and company struggled against the Dallas Cowboys defense, scoring 19 points in their loss. The Seattle Seahawks allowed a lot of points last week, but that was against the highest scoring offense in the league. The Redskins are not that. The Seahawks offense seems to be in full swing at this point in the season. Redskins struggle to score just like last week.

Pick: Seahawks

Chiefs vs Cowboys (Upset) (Marquee Matchup)

The Dallas Cowboys have been on a roll offensively lately, but they may not have Zeke this week, who is one of the biggest reasons why. Can Prescott carry the load in Zeke’s absence? Can the running game still function without Zeke? Both teams are ranked in the top 5 offensively, and they’re right next to each other on defense. Part of me says the Chiefs will win, but another part of me says that Prescott and the Cowboys want to prove everyone wrong. I’m going with that part of me and picking an upset.

Pick: Cowboys

Raiders vs Dolphins (Sunday Night)

The Raiders are definitely not the same Raiders we saw last year. This year has been a struggle. While it has been a struggle for them, it’s also been a struggle for the Dolphins. The Dolphins just traded Jay Ajayi to the Eagles. Will that help or hurt them? I don’t think the running game could get much worse for the Dolphins. Although the Raiders have struggled offensively, I think they have a good enough offense to outscore Miami and get a win.

Pick: Raiders

Lions vs Packers (Monday)

In two games this season, Brett Hundley has a total of 244 passing yards with a completion percentage of 52.5%. He’s thrown 1 TD and 4 INT’s. He has a rating of 40.5. The Lions defense isn’t that good, but I don’t see Hundley being able to outscore Matthew Stafford.

Pick: Lions




  1. Be sure to identify Chiefs vs. Cowboys as the marquee matchup. Everyone is given 24 hours from this point to change their Texans pick if desired, due to the terrible injury Deshaun Watson suffered.


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