J.R. Smith Back in the Spotlight

J.R. Smith
J.R. Smith and Tyronn Lue” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

J.R. Smith has had a long lasting career that has always been one of the more exciting ones to follow. J.R. Smith has bounced around the NBA and has always been a player who gave teams a spark. From his early years in New Orleans with Chris Paul and David West being a young scoring slasher, to eventually going to the Denver Nuggets and being the second fiddle to Carmelo Anthony and providing crazy dunks, especially the one against the Spurs where he took flight. Smith then was a part of the Carmelo trade to the New York Knicks, which was awesome for him and fans of him because he was returning home to the jersey shore where he did most of his growing up. He played four years at Lakewood high school and then a prep year at St Benedict’s Prep in Newark before declaring for the draft right out of high school. Smith brought more fans to the Knicks organization.

Smith now has been on the Cavaliers after being traded from the Knicks in what just seemed like another normal thing for him. Smith proved to be a very valuable player for the Cavaliers in the year they won their title, providing scoring and also defense, which he wasn’t always known for. I’m writing this article because of his play on Thursday night which arguably caused the Cavaliers to lose game one in the NBA finals against the Warriors. Yes, he messed up, but don’t let one play define his entire career. J.R. Smith for me personally was always one of my favorite players, because when that guy got hot he couldn’t miss. He has also been famous off the court for not wearing shirts after the title win two years ago, which people made famous because of the amount of tattoos he has.

I’m just writing to sports fans who may not be familiar with him or know him. He is one of the greater role players of our generation and I think he doesn’t deserve all this hate for one totally huge choke play. Be ready for game two for J.R. Smith to have a huge game because of the amount of emotions he has always played with. I hope this article just gave you a little in-depth look at a player that isn’t always talked about that much, but has impacted the NBA for the last 10 years. Remember, nobody does it like J.R. Smith when it comes to shooting from anywhere, the man just doesn’t care what you think of him.



  1. I don’t care enough to hate JR Smith for his gaffe in game one of the finals, it’s just sports. It certainly didn’t help the Cavs win and it was a colossal blunder that will go down in sports lore because of the magnitude of the game.

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