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By Furtakes

Hello folks, going to write a different kind of article on here today. It’s not going to be about one specific thing, but keep people updated on some things going on in this lovely world of sports that we all know. This is basically a survivor guide to your bucket list of sports every day to keep you in the flow of things. I hope you guys enjoy this kind of outlook and not just a article dictated on one specific topic.

1. So let’s start off by going back to my last article on Christian Hackenberg being a hack. Being on the Jets the past two years, it only makes sense the New England Patriots give him a look and try to get some information out of him. They might sign him and keep him on the practice squad just for Jets games to see if he can help them with any signals. The Patriots have done this a couple of times in the past so be prepared.

2. The world cup has started. I personally don’t know much about the world cup, but it’s soccer and our national team isn’t in it so obviously it’s not as big of an issue to us. The world cup however is a fantastic thing to watch and the energy it brings to the countries and people in them are insane. Russia won the first game against Saudi Arabia 5-0, so Putin is a happy man. It’s great too because the world cup pairs some of the best players in soccer against each other. Look at Argentina vs Uruguay, you get to see Messi vs Suarez who are teammates on Barcelona. Look for teams like Spain, Argentina, Germany and Uruguay to be some of the favorites to win it all.

3. Martavis Bryant is now being brought up again around the NFL because it looks like he might be suspended again. Bryant had previously been suspended numerous times while he played for the Steelers, which basically led to the player being traded. Availability is the best thing when it comes to sports, and if you can’t be on the field it doesn’t matter how good you are. Bryant, who stands around 6’4″ and has game changing speed oozes potential. Him being in a new setting may really help him and a coach like Jon Gruden will be able to find ways to use Bryant in multiple ways, moving him around in his offense to get him open.

4. Everyone is going nuts over a picture of Mike Bibby being jacked. For those of you who don’t know, Mike Bibby was the point guard for the Sacramento Kings in the early 2000’s after being traded from the Vancouver Grizzles, who now are in Memphis for Jason Williams, aka white chocolate. Bibby put on some weight, check it out, it’s all over social media. Lets be real though, there is no way that man does leg day.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading, if you have any comments or things I should do differently always feel free to reach out. Follow Furtakes on twitter and listen to my podcast and keep coming back to Fourth Quarter Sports, something special is brewing and it’s not your morning coffee.

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