June 21st Furtakes of the Day

2017 FRIENDLY MATCH RUSSIA v ARGENTINA – Leo Messi.jpg” by Oleg Bkhambri (Voltmetro) is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

And we’re back! I just woke up in a room that was about 90 degrees, so not a hot start to my day,or was it?? Just got to the gym and I see the Yankees are up 4-2 on the Mariners. Last year big daddy Giancarlo Stanton made his first mark as a Yankee, hitting a 2 run walk off home run as Michael Kay would call it, his first signature Yankees moment. Welcome to the spotlight of playing at the Mecca.

Richard Sherman hasn’t been really practicing at all, but he said today he found a “tell” with Jimmy Garoppolo. For all you fantasy football guys out there, Jimmy G is going to be your late round flier in the draft that can lead you to another fantasy football championship. I have said this on twitter, but I think Garoppolo has a chance to be the NFL MVP this year, or at least be the dark horse in the race.

Little World Cup knowledge, Argentina was tied 0-0 at halftime, but then went on to lose 3-0. Messi needed to do something and at least a score a goal, but that didn’t happen. Ronaldo having four already this World Cup is putting him above Messi in the “who’s the best?” category. Who has the better painting though?


To finish it all off, the NBA draft is happening right now!. DeAndre Ayton went to the Suns first overall, and after that Marvin Bagley went to the Kings. A trade between the Hawks and Mavericks happened, allowing the Hawks to secure Trae Young and the Mavericks to get Luka Doncic. The Grizzlies picked Jaren Jackson Jr. fourth overall, Orlando got Mo Bamba sixth, Wendell Carter Jr. went to Bulls seventh, Collin Sexton to the Cavs eighth. The same kid who booed the Knicks for picking Porzingis didn’t like the selection of Kevin Knox. Does that mean Knox will be an All-Star? We’ll see. Mikal  Bridges went to the 76ers tenth. Good pick by them. The NBA Draft might not be fun the whole time, but the first 10 picks has been pretty good.

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