June 27th and 10th Edition of Furtakes of the Day + a Podcast as a Little Treat

Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku” by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

To all you wonderful fans who have been reading these, I appreciate it greatly. I know these “Furtakes of the day” aren’t the most in-depth articles, but it’s good to be updated on what’s going on to get a good basis and give you good day to day information on what’s going on. So for everyone who has read these, it means a lot, and if you guys want me to keep doing them I’m more then happy to. Let’s get ready and take a dive into what’s happened today.

Yesterday it was known Janoris Jenkins was alerted that there was a body, but it was reported today that his brother William actually allegedly murdered a family friend. His brother was actually trying to take a plane down to Florida to meet his brother, but got paranoid and left the plain and was latter captured up in New York. Janoris should have picked a better house sitter. Janoris had to know his brother was going to do something sketchy. On a serious note, it will be interesting to see how David Gettleman, the New York Giants GM handles this. I doubt Jenkins will be on the team. Eli Apple may have had locker room issues last year, but this is by far a lot worse.

Wow, this guys tweet is on point, for those wondering, yes that is indeed my own twitter. Feel free to go give that a follow and hop on the bandwagon early. J.D. Martinez is on a hot streak. He just hit his 25th home run and is now leading the MLB. Martinez looks to be the pickup of the year so far, but I’m sure Stanton will give him a run for his money all year. These two could be the guys that carry this rival for a couple of years, besides the obvious home grown talent. Martinez however is projected to hit 50, while Stanton is only projected 39, but those numbers clearly change from game to game if someone hits 3 in their next game.

For you soccer fans, Germany was eliminated today and it is the first time since 1938, so for you history nerds, that was right before Adolf Hitler was in power. 80 years ago, which is crazy, but what also makes this cool is Germany keeps the streak of World Cup champions to win and then in the next World Cup not advancing past the group stage. The Machine has been deadly for many years, but as my soccer expert told me, look for Belgium to take over as the next dynasty with Lukaku. The playoffs also have some great match ups, as Uruguay will play Portugal and the winner of that match up has the chance to play Argentina. That gives us the possibility of Suarez or Ronaldo playing Messi, which will be an amazing game to watch and one that will be another one of those career defining games for the ages.

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