What You May Have Missed This Weekend In Sports

Mason Crosby” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It was quite an exciting weekend of sports! From the NFL to UFC, several exciting events took place. Don’t worry if you missed it, we’ve got a recap of the most important games, events and set records from the weekend.



Mason Crosby Dooms the Packers

Green Bay lost to Detroit 31-23. The main reason they lost was because of bad field goal kicking by Mason Crosby. Crosby missed 5 total kicks (4 FGs and 1 XP). That adds up to 13 points worth of missed kicks. If Crosby would have made those kicks, the Packers get a win.

Isaiah Crowell sets Jets Record

In what was a surprising victory against usually tough Denver defense, RB Isaiah Crowell had himself a career day. Crowell set a Jets rushing record by running for 219 yards! Crowell’s big day helped the Jets beat the Broncos 34-16.

Graham Gano Game Winner

Carolina looked like they would easily handle the New York Giants yesterday, as they were up 27-16 in the fourth quarter, but the Giants made a comeback. The Giants scored 15 points in the fourth quarter to go up 31-30 with about a minute left in the game. Carolina had time for another possession, which paid off for them. The Panthers got into range of a field goal, but it was a field goal most kickers couldn’t make. Graham Gano kicked a 63 yard field goal to put the Panthers up 33-31 as time expired. That field goal tied the 2nd-longest FG in league history.

The Browns Have Two Wins! 

This wasn’t the most exciting game to watch. Only one TD was scored, but it did go into OT. The Browns led 9-6 in the fourth quarter, but then Ravens K Justin Tucker hit a 32 yard FG to tie the game. Neither team could really get anything going in OT, which almost led to another tied game. Rookie QB Baker Mayfield led the Browns into FG range late in OT, which gave K Greg Joseph a chance to win the game. Joseph hit a 37 yard FG with 2 seconds remaining to give the Browns their second win of the season.

College Football

Red River Rivalry Thriller

This year’s Red River Rivalry was the game of the year so far! The game was close in the first quarter, but then Texas pulled away in the second and third quarters to gain a 45-24 lead over the Sooners. The game wasn’t over yet though. Oklahoma came back to tie the game 45-45 with under three minutes left. Texas then ruined Oklahoma’s comeback with a game winning field goal.

Both QBs performed well for their teams. Heisman candidate Kyler Murray led the Oklahoma comeback and finished the day with 304 yards passing, 92 yards rushing and 5 total TDs. Texas QB Sam Ehlinger had the game of his life! He threw for 314 yards and ran for 72 yards with 5 total TDs (2 passing and 3 rushing). Last week’s game between Ohio State and Penn State was an instant classic, but this game topped it.

Top 25 Upsets

Several top 25 teams lost to unranked opponents over the weekend. No. 20 Michigan State lost to Northwestern, No. 25 Oklahoma State lost to Iowa State, No. 13 Kentucky lost to Texas A&M and No. 14 Stanford lost to Utah.

The two biggest upsets were Stanford losing to Utah and Kentucky losing to Texas A&M. Both teams were ranked in the top 15. Stanford was without RB Bryce Love, but that’s no excuse to get dominated 40-21 by an unranked opponent. Kentucky lost a closer game to Texas A&M, losing 20-14 in OT. Kentucky had a chance to get some points in OT, but the kicker missed a short field goal. Any points at that point would have given Texas A&M the win. They scored a TD to seal the win and the upset.

Top 10 Upsets

Two top ten teams were upset over the weekend. No. 8 Auburn lost to unranked Mississippi State and No. 5 LSU lost to No. 22 Florida. LSU lost 27-19, while Auburn lost 23-9. The more exciting of the two games was LSU vs Florida. Florida came up with a huge pick-6 to seal the win over LSU.

Miami’s Ahmmoon Richard’s Career Ending Injury

This had to be the worst moment of the weekend. Miami WR Ahmmoon Richard suffered a career ending neck injury in Miami’s win against Florida State. The injury was reported as “disabling.” It was also reported that Richard won’t ever be able to play again. As a sports fan, this is something I never want to see, regardless of who it’s too or who they play for.

QB Nick Fitzgerald Breaks Tim Tebow’s SEC Record

Remember Tim Tebow? He was a college football legend. One of his record’s was broken this past weekend by Mississippi State QB Nick Fitzgerald. In their upset win over No. 8 Auburn, Fitzgerald broke Tim Tebow’s SEC record for most QB rushing yards (2,999). Fitzgerald had 195 yards and 2 TDs on a whopping 28 carries! Congrats to Fitzgerald on the record.


Conor McGregor lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov by 4th round submission on Saturday night, but what happened after the fight overshadowed the fight itself. After beating McGregor, Khabib decided to attack one of McGregor’s teammates, which resulted in absolute chaos. Some of Khabib’s guys even attacked McGregor while he was calmly standing by. McGregor lost, but he was a great loser. Khabib on the other hand was a terrible winner, showing all sorts of disrespect after what should have been his greatest moment. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Khabib, but he should be stripped of his championship belt.


  1. I think it’s time we can finally re-consider the Browns as a decent team again and look forward to them winning games. This will definently make the league even more competitive if it’s not already one of the most competitive seasons so far in the modern era.


    1. And they’re a really young team. If this group stays together and continues to get better they will be exiting to watch in the near future.


  2. What Khabib did in the ending was definitely unsportsmanlike like, but he didn’t do it without reason, nor is his hands the only dirty one. He was triggered after receiving slurs, and before the match, his bus was attacked by McGregor. Khabib has to face a sentence but McGregor walks away. Honestly a terrible fight in the ending and both should go home with their heads facing down.


    1. I know what McGregor did was wrong too, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Khabib didn’t need to react the way he did. He already won, which should have been good enough revenge for him.


      1. Very good point, still, if Khabib is facing a penalty by having to do community service for his actions, McGregor should be tried as well.


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