Five Potential Trade Destinations for CB Patrick Peterson

The Arizona Cardinals are 1-6 this season. QB Sam Bradford was benched earlier in the year for rookie QB Josh Rosen, who hasn’t looked much better. RB David Johnson doesn’t seem to be the same dynamic playmaker he once was. It’s no wonder CB Patrick Peterson  requested a trade!

It remains to be seen if the Cardinals will give in to Peterson’s request to trade him before the deadline next week. After all, he is their best player. If you think about it though, trading Peterson makes a lot of sense.

This is a team going through a rebuilding period. They’re not going to be good this year, as we already know, and they won’t be good next year, and probably not the year after either. You don’t like to lose players like Peterson, but this team isn’t going anywhere, regardless of if they have him on the roster or not.

It’s because of this that the best move the Cardinals can make is to trade Patrick Peterson. They might as well get something valuable for him and use it to rebuild their team for the future.

It was reported that Peterson’s preferred destination was to the New Orleans Saints. Peterson may not get his first choice if he’s traded. The Saints just traded for CB Eli Apple, who was formerly with the Giants. Not only did the Saints trade for Apple, but they don’t have a first-round pick to use on trading for Peterson, at least not this year. I doubt they want to give another first-round pick and go two drafts without one.

With that being said, here are five potential trade destinations I think make sense for Patrick Peterson.


Kansas City Chiefs

If the Chiefs haven’t had the worst defense in the league this season, they’ve been pretty dang close to it. Out of their seven games this year, there’s only been two games in which they haven’t given up 23 or more points. Just two weeks ago, they gave up 43 points to the Patriots. For a team with such a high powered offense and hopes of being a legit Super Bowl contender, the defense has been unacceptable.

If the Chiefs are going all in on this season, which wouldn’t be a bad idea, trading for Patrick Peterson would be a great move. Peterson would give the defense some much needed help. What may have been a better move for the defense would have been keeping CB Marcus Peters, but whatever.

Patrick Peterson wouldn’t fix all the problems this defense has, but he would help them be significantly better than what they’ve been. Come playoff time, this team could be in for a big upset if the defense can’t step it up. Patrick Peterson could be the step up they need.


Washington Redskins

What if you paired Patrick Peterson with Josh Norman? Can you imagine being a QB and having to worry about Peterson on one side and Norman on the other?

I personally feel like the Redskins will go as far as the defense takes them this year. Their offense hasn’t been great, but the defense has done a pretty good job, aside from the game they gave up 43 points to the Saints.

This Washington team has a real chance to win the NFC East this season, which means they’ll be in the playoffs. If they have to play a team in the playoffs like the New Orleans Saints, they’ll need some extra defensive help. Adding Patrick Peterson would give the defense a new dynamic they would need to make a deep playoff run.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Ahh, the Pittsburgh Steelers. One reason why I think the Steelers should trade for Patrick Peterson, is because the defense has been bad this year. The pass defense needs some work. They’ve got Joe Haden, but that’s not enough. Pair Patrick Peterson with Joe Haden, and the Steelers would have themselves quite the CB combo. Not only would that make the Steelers’ defense better, but it’d also help the offense out a lot.

Here’s the other reason I think the Steelers should trade for Patrick Peterson: Le’Veon Bell. Bell has yet to report this season, and we don’t if he ever will. We know he’s probably not coming back to the Steelers after this year. So what should the Steelers do? Use him as bait to get Patrick Peterson in return.

Yes, the Cardinals already have RB David Johnson, but Le’Veon can be used in so many different ways, it doesn’t matter. Would the Cardinals have a real chance at re-signing Bell long term? Probably not. I think they know their chances aren’t high, but maybe they’re willing to take that risk. The Cardinals could get a chance at Bell and a high draft pick in return for Patrick Peterson.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles haven’t been the same as last year. One reason for that is because of the pass defense. The run defense has been the second best in the league this year. The pass defense on the other hand, is giving up the 9th most passing yards per game (269.7).

The Eagles won games last year because their defense was solid all around. That hasn’t been the case for them this season. Patrick Peterson would instantly upgrade their secondary and potentially make them a true contender once more.

Philadelphia is one of the teams who made several trades in the offseason. What’s one more trade going to do? I mean, aside from making their team better.


New England Patriots

I feel like any time there’s a trade rumor about one of the league’s best players, the New England Patriots are involved. They recently made a trade for WR Josh Gordon, who they acquired from the Browns. They got him for a fifth-round pick!

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Patriots ended up getting Patrick Peterson for a lower price than the Cardinals would want for him. A second or third rounder maybe? I don’t know how the Patriots do it, but they do.

If the Patriots have interest in Patrick Peterson, I would not be surprised if he ended up here. They could pair Patrick Peterson with Stephon Gilmore, giving them one of the better CB partnerships in the league. Bill Belichick would surely get the best play out of Patrick Peterson as they make another Super Bowl push.


Do you think Patrick Peterson will be traded before the deadline? If so, where do you think he’ll end up? Comment below!


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