MLB Loses A Legend


Willie McCovey” by Holly Hickman is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Yesterday the sports world lost a true legend and in fact, an MLB Hall of Famer. San Francisco Giants legend, Willie McCovey, passed away last night at the age of 80 years old.

McCovey was born on January 10th, 1938 in Mobile, Alabama. McCovey graduated from Central High school in Mobile, Alabama and then went on to make his Major League Baseball debut on July 30th, 1959 at the age of 21 years old. He went 4-4 with two RBI’s in that game and would go on to win the 1959 Rookie of the Year award.

Throughout the 1969 season, McCovey played his best baseball statistically when he would record a career high in hits (157), Homeruns (45) and RBI’s(126). McCovey also recorded a career high in OBS (.453), SLG (.656), and OPS (1.108). While McCovey did make his career with the Giants, he also spent time in San Diego and Oakland throughout the 1976 season, but ultimately went back to the Giants after just one season away from the team.

Throughout his Hall of Fame career, McCovey appeared in six all-star games (winning the AS MVP award in 1969). He also was a onetime league MVP during the 1969 season. McCovey would finish his 22 year career in 1980 and then go on to work within the Giants organization for 18 seasons.

McCovey would finish his career with 2,211 hits, 521 homeruns, 1,555 RBI’s and a career .270 batting average. He would then be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame six years later during the 1986 election. It is clear that McCovey had a big impact on the Giants franchise as he hit so many homeruns over the right field wall into the water that it eventually became known as McCovey’s Cove. It still holds that name today.

McCovey had been battling health issues as of late and sadly he was not able to recover from them. He passed away at a hospital in California. McCovey will be missed around the sports world. We are truly sad to an MLB legend go, but we will always remember him and the impact he had on not only the organization of the San Francisco Giants, but all of the MLB world.


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