Week 11 NFL picks

Last Week’s Prediction Records:

Aman: 9-5

Cullen: 9-5

Mickayeen: 9-5

Rahim: 6-8

Joel: 9-5

Adam: 9-5

Kevin: 9-5

Josh: 8-6

Dan: 8-6


Overall Prediction Records:

Aman: 80-51-1

Cullen: 91-40-1

Mickayeen: 78-53-1

Rahim: 79-52-1

Joel: 83-48-1

Adam: 86-45-1

Kevin: 38-17 (Started Week 7)

Josh: 17-10 (Started Week 9)

Dan: 17-10 (Started Week 9)

It wasn’t a great week for our picks last week, as none of us got in the double digits. Cullen remains the leader after Week 10. Several of us tied Cullen’s Week 10 record of 9-5, but none of us were better than that, meaning nobody made any progress on catching up. Can we catch up to Cullen in Week 11? Let’s find out who we’re all picking this week!

Also, this week we’re adding another new writer to our weekly picks. Welcome Christan Braswell!



Packers vs Seahawks (Thursday)


Aman: Seahawks

Cullen: Seahawks

Mickayeen: Seahawks

Rahim: Packers

Joel: Seahawks

Adam: Seahawks

Kevin: Packers

Josh: Seahawks

Dan: Packers

Christan: Packers

With the Seahawks at 4-5 and Packers at 4-4-1, both teams need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. One interesting stat to note about the Packers in this game, is the fact that they have yet to win a road game this season, being 0-4. An important thing to note about Seattle, is the fact that they’re just 1-2 at home this season.

This should be a good game between too great QBs. Both Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson played great last week, although the result of their games were different. I can see this game not being dominated by one team, but rather being a close one coming down to the end.



Titans vs Colts


Aman: Titans

Cullen: Colts

Mickayeen: Colts

Rahim: Titans

Joel: Titans

Adam: Colts

Kevin: Colts

Josh: Titans

Dan: Titans

Christan: Titans

The Titans are on a two game win streak, with wins over the Cowboys and Patriots. The Colts are on a win streak of their own, with wins over the Bills, Raiders and Jaguars. I’d argue the Titans have the more impressive streak, despite having one less game on their streak.

During the three game win streak for the Colts, QB Andrew Luck has completed 72.4% of his passes for 680 yards, 10 TDs and just one INT. The Titans have been really good defensively in the last couple of games, giving fits to Dak Prescott and Tom Brady. Can they slow down Andrew Luck in Week 11? That’ll be key to winning this division matchup.



Buccaneers vs Giants


Aman: Giants

Cullen: Buccaneers

Mickayeen: Buccaneers

Rahim: Buccaneers

Joel: Giants

Adam: Giants

Kevin: Giants

Josh: Buccaneers

Dan: Buccaneers

Christan: Giants

Another battle between two of the league’s worst teams. Eli Manning led the Giants on a game winning drive against the 49ers last week, but can he keep up that level of play? Manning has had a few good games this season, but his play seems to drop off during the next few games. Will that pattern continue?

Ryan Fitzpatrick looked more like FitzTragic than FitzMagic last week against the Redskins, but the Redskins do have one of the best defense’s in the league. The Giants definitely don’t have that. While the Giants don’t have a good defense, the Buccaneers have the worst defense. They might make Eli Manning look good for a second straight game.



Steelers vs Jaguars


Aman: Steelers

Cullen: Steelers

Mickayeen: Steelers

Rahim: Jaguars

Joel: Steelers

Adam: Jaguars

Kevin: Steelers

Josh: Steelers

Dan: Steelers

Christan: Steelers

Last season the Jaguars beat the Steelers twice. Could they make it three times in a row? With the way the Jaguars have been playing defensively, it may be difficult to do. They just allowed 29 points to the Colts. Now they have to face Ben Roethlisberger, James Conner, Juju Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown, who are coming off a 52 point beat down on the Panthers. The Steelers should be hungry for this victory, wanting to get revenge on the Jags for last season.



Panthers vs Lions


Aman: Panthers

Cullen: Panthers

Mickayeen: Panthers

Rahim: Panthers

Joel: Panthers

Adam: Lions

Kevin: Lions

Josh: Panthers

Dan: Panthers

Christan: Panthers

Carolina must find a way to bounce back after taking a beating at the hands of the Steelers last week. The Lions are no Steelers though, so this might be a good game for the Panthers to bounce back. I still think trading away Golden Tate is haunting the Lions. He was the best weapon Matthew Stafford had, but then they shipped him away.

The Lions aren’t the offensive team the Steelers are, so Cam Newton should be able to get his team on the board enough to win. The Lions are ranked 28th in points allowed per game, while the Steelers rank 13th. Everything seems right for the Panthers to bounce back in Week 11.



Cowboys vs Falcons


Aman: Cowboys

Cullen: Falcons

Mickayeen: Falcons

Rahim: Falcons

Joel: Falcons

Adam: Falcons

Kevin: Falcons

Josh: Cowboys

Dan: Cowboys

Christan: Falcons

Atlanta suffered a surprising loss to the Browns last week after their offense couldn’t get going. There’s potential that could happen again against the defense of the Cowboys. They allow an average of 19.0 points per game. Only once this season have they allowed more than 25 points.

Last week the Cowboys looked pretty good offensively, scoring 27 points on the Eagles and coming up with TDs when they needed them most. The Falcons have struggled defensively all season, and last week made the Browns’ offense look really good. Can they fix their issues against the Cowboys in Week 11? Can the Cowboys be consistent on offense?



Bengals vs Ravens


Aman: Ravens

Cullen: Ravens

Mickayeen: Ravens

Rahim: Ravens

Joel: Ravens

Adam: Ravens

Kevin: Bengals

Josh: Ravens

Dan: Bengals

Christan: Ravens

This could be the starting debut for rookie QB Lamar Jackson. With Joe Flacco injured, his game status is not known yet. If he does play, he won’t be at full strength. How would Lamar Jackson handle his first NFL start?

The Bengals are coming off a huge loss to the Saints, which caused them to fire their defensive coordinator. How will that impact the defense for the Bengals? This offense for the Ravens isn’t anywhere near as powerful as that of the Saints, but the huge loss and firing of their DC may cause some issues in Week 11.



Texans vs Redskins


Aman: Redskins

Cullen: Texans

Mickayeen: Texans

Rahim: Texans

Joel: Texans

Adam: Texans

Kevin: Texans

Josh: Texans

Dan: Redskins

Christan: Texans

Although the Texans are on a six game win streak, they have only beaten one team with a winning record this season. So far this season, they’ve played against three teams who currently have a winning record. Those three teams are the Titans (5-4), Patriots (7-3) and Dolphins (5-5).

This week they play their fourth team with a winning record. The Washington Redskins are 6-3. Can the Texans beat another team with a winning record? Despite winning last week, the Redskins didn’t look great against the Buccaneers. Although they’re 6-3, I feel like they’ve been inconsistent all season long. Which version of the Redskins will the Texans get in Week 11?



Cardinals vs Raiders


Aman: Cardinals

Cullen: Cardinals

Mickayeen: Tie

Rahim: Cardinals

Joel: Cardinals

Adam: Cardinals

Kevin: Cardinals

Josh: Cardinals

Dan: Cardinals

Christan: Raiders

When asking for each writer’s Week 11 picks, Mickayeen said this about the game between the Cardinals and Raiders, “A trashy tie between OAK/ARI as they battle to out-tank each other.” Well said. I’ll leave it at that.



Broncos vs Chargers


Aman: Chargers

Cullen: Chargers

Mickayeen: Broncos

Rahim: Chargers

Joel: Chargers

Adam: Chargers

Kevin: Chargers

Josh: Chargers

Dan: Chargers

Christan: Chargers

The Chargers moved to 7-2 after beating the Raiders last week, but they did look vulnerable, wining by a score of 20-6. The Chargers didn’t play great offensively, but their defense made it so they didn’t have to worry too much.

That will be key in this Week 11 game. If the Chargers don’t have a great game offensively, will their defense hold the Broncos’ offense enough? Mickayeen is taking the Broncos in an upset. This is a division game, so anything can happen.



Eagles vs Saints


Aman: Saints

Cullen: Saints

Mickayeen: Saints

Rahim: Eagles

Joel: Saints

Adam: Saints

Kevin: Saints

Josh: Saints

Dan: Saints

Christan: Saints

Drew Brees and the Saints put an absolute beat down on the Bengals last week, winning 51-14. Carson Wentz and the Eagles were outperformed by the offense of the Dallas Cowboys. I’ll take the league’s leading offense (36.7 points per game) and my leader for MVP against the Eagles.

Rahim is taking the Eagles in an upset victory over what may be the NFL’s best team. Although the Saints have the best scoring offense, their defense allows an average of 25.8 points per game. Last week they went against a Dallas defense allowing an average of 19.0 points per game. Carson Wentz could have an easier time in Week 11 against this defense.



Vikings vs Bears (Sunday Night)


Aman: Bears

Cullen: Bears

Mickayeen: Bears

Rahim: Vikings

Joel: Bears

Adam: Bears

Kevin: Bears

Josh: Bears

Dan: Bears

Christan: Bears

Chicago currently has the league’s fourth best defense when it comes to points allowed per game, allowing an average of 19.4 points. The Vikings aren’t too far off, allowing an average of 22.7 points. This game could be a heated defensive battle.

I say heated because whoever wins this game will take the lead in the NFC North. Because the Vikings have a tie on their record, there won’t be any tying for the division lead if the Bears lose. There’s still a decent chunk of time left in the season, but with the end of the regular season getting closer, this Week 11 game feels like a must win for both teams.



Chiefs vs Rams (Monday Night)


Aman: Rams

Cullen: Rams

Mickayeen: Rams

Rahim: Rams

Joel: Chiefs

Adam: Chiefs

Kevin: Chiefs

Josh: Chiefs

Dan: Chiefs

Christan: Rams

This is going to be an exciting game, perhaps the best of Week 11. Patrick Mahomes vs Jared Goff. Todd Gurley vs Kareem Hunt. The number two scoring offense of the Chiefs (35.3) against the number three scoring offense of the Rams (33.5). Talk about shoot out potential!

This game will come down to whichever defense steps up to the plate. In terms of points allowed per game, these two teams are pretty close. The Chiefs allow 24.0 per game, while the Rams allow 23.1 per game. We’ve seen both defense’s be shredded by a good offense earlier in the year. Both defense’s may be shredded in this game, but which defense will make the key stop when the game is on the line?


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