Cincinnati Bengals considering Hue Jackson as Head Coach could be their biggest mistake ever

Hue Jackson - Cincinnati Bengals next head coach?

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There have been rumors recently of current Bengals head coach, Marvin Lewis, not being the head coach of the team much longer. These reports make sense, considering the Cincinnati Bengals started the season 4-1 and are now 5-6.

This isn’t the first time Lewis has been thought to be on his way out. Lewis has been the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals since 2003. Since taking over as head coach, Lewis has a record of 130-117 (52.6%). While he does have a winning record overall, Lewis has eight seasons in which he hasn’t led the team to the playoffs. Two of those seasons came in the last two years. This will likely be the third season in a row the Cincinnati Bengals don’t make the postseason.

Marvin Lewis did have a five year stretch where the Cincinnati Bengals made the playoffs. He also led the team to the playoffs in two other years. Although Lewis has led the team to the playoffs seven times since 2003, he has yet to win a playoff game.

It makes sense for Lewis to soon be out as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. If he does leave that position, who will the Cincinnati Bengals replace him with?

Recent reports are that Hue Jackson could be in the mix to fill the void left by Lewis if he’s let go. Yes, the same Hue Jackson who led the Cleveland Browns to a record of 3-36-1 in three years.

Cincinnati Bengals considering Hue Jackson a big mistake

While the Bengals haven’t actually come out and said Hue Jackson is a candidate to be the head coach, their is a feeling around the league he will be. That means someone had to say it at some point. My first question is, what on earth are the Cincinnati Bengals thinking?

What qualifies Hue Jackson to be a head coach in the NFL? Is it his 3-36-1 record with the Cleveland Browns? Is it his 11-44-1 record as a head coach in the NFL? Maybe it’s the fact that the Browns just beat his new team (Cincinnati Bengals) 35-20 only weeks after his firing?

None of that qualifies Hue Jackson to be a head coach in the NFL. However, it does qualify Hue Jackson to never be considered as an NFL head coach again. Someone fresh off a 3-36-1 record in three years should never even cross someone’s mind for an NFL head coaching position. I honestly believe I could lead a team to a better record than that over a period of three years, and I have zero experience coaching football at any level.

Do the Cincinnati Bengals want to turn into the next version of the 0-16 Browns we saw last season? That’s the path they’re on right now by considering Hue Jackson as their next head coach.

Do the Bengals honestly believe Hue Jackson could take the team to heights Marvin Lewis never could? That’s a joke.

Hue Jackson’s place in the NFL

Hue Jackson has no qualifications whatsoever to make him the right choice for the next head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. However, he does have qualifications to be part of an NFL team.

When Hue Jackson hasn’t been a terribly unsuccessful head coach, he’s been an offensive coordinator or some type of position group coach. Before being the Browns’ head coach, Jackson was most recently with the Cincinnati Bengals as their offensive coordinator. That was back in 2014 and 2015. In those two seasons, the Bengals went 10-5-1 and 12-4, making the playoffs both years.

Hue Jackson has proven he can help a team win, but it hasn’t been as a head coach. If the Cincinnati Bengals hire Hue Jackson as their next head coach, it may be the biggest mistake they’ve ever made.

The fact that Jackson is even being rumored to be considered for this job blows my mind. The guy is a historically bad head coach in the NFL, yet he still has a chance to get a position many others are far more worthy of. Talk about a tank job.

Not too sure what the Cincinnati Bengals are thinking. If they know what’s good for them, they’ll stay far away from hiring Hue Jackson as their next head coach.



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  1. I believe it was a rumor started to get the Bengals jump started, same is going on with other teams across the league right now, although the factor in which Jackson was released is not what everyone thinks.

    • Joel Deering says:

      I know half the rumors we hear aren’t true, but just the fact this was even a rumor shocked me!

      • Oh it’s crazy. I agree, I’m absolutely amazed that this is even something that was a rumor lol. I’m glad you brought it up, it shows the incorrect information these ppl are spreading.

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