Is Matt LaFleur the Right Fit For Green Bay?

When Mike McCarthy was fired on December 2nd, the Packers job immediately became one of the most attractive job openings in recent NFL history. Despite a few holes in the roster, Green Bay posses one of the most talented quarterbacks in league history. The number one priority for any NFL roster is having a franchise quarterback. Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers, and he himself has single-handedly willed the Pack to postseason play despite a subpar roster in years past. In McCarthy’s waning years, his relationship with Rodgers became slightly rocky. So as soon as Green Bay started it’s coaching search, it prioritized an offensive coach who would develop a good relationship with Rodgers. Enter Matt LaFleur.

Matt LeFleur

Aaron Rodgers” by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Reasons to Love it

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst feels they have found the right man who will succeed right along with Rodgers. Matt LaFleur is an extremely experienced coach despite his young age. However, his career path has gone on quite the uptick since being a Notre Dame quarterbacks coach just four years ago to Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers. People that love the hire point to his connections to Sean McVay and Kyle Shannahan. Under LaFleur along with McVay, Jared Goff made a huge jump in year one to year two. Matt Ryan also saw incredible success with LaFleur during his lone year in Atlanta. The Packers are continuing the trend of going after young offensive coaches. These young coaches have the innovative modern offenses that have proven to be successful.

Reasons to Hate it

The opposers of the hire point directly to the lack of success LaFleur had in his lone year as Tennesee’s offensive coordinator. Tennesse didn’t have loads of offensive talent however, ranking 25th in total offense along with a lackluster 29th in passing offense. Sure, one can point to the limitations the Titans have under center. But we have seen offensive geniuses like Shannahan do more with less. San Francisco was middle of the pack in both total offense and passing offense. The difference is they did it most of the year with the likes of Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard. There is certainly evidence for each side of the debate to love or hate the hire.

My Verdict

I think in the end only time will tell. But no, I do not love the hire whatsoever. Cullen Jekel, who briefly wrote on the matter yesterday, didn’t seem to love it either. Find out what he had to say here. I think too many teams are simply trying to find anything and everything related to the Sean McVay and Kyle Shannahan prototype. The young offensive wizard. It is what every single team who is looking for a coach is going after. I think Green Bay may have reached too far to get that prototype young wizard. But were there other options out there? I don’t know, did you want to go toward more of a defensive mastermind to fix a Green Bay defense who has struggled over the years? If I was Ted Thompson and Brian Gutekunst, I would’ve mad the strongest push possible for a Josh McDaniels. And if you were so focused on the next generation of young offensive coaches, why not Lincoln Riley? LeFleur may prove myself, along with many others wrong, but as of right now I do not love the hire.


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4 Responses

  1. nobot11 says:

    I actually like the hire. Can’t really read too much into the Titans offense from last season since Mariota was hurt and could barely throw and Delanie Walker missed basically the entire season with the exception of a quarter.

    I’m just happy they didn’t hire McDaniels. But I agree with the part, I would have been good with Lincoln Riley.

    Ultimately, I think LaFluer will do just fine.

  2. Ty Martin says:

    I completely understand the view of seeing the lack of talent he was dealt with in Tennessee. However I point to San Francisco and how despite sub par quarterbacks their ability to still have an average passing offense. Like I said though, with guys like this, the verdict likely will be made only a few weeks into the season.

  3. nobot11 says:

    Valid point. And I agree that we’ll find out probably after week 4 whether it was a good or bad hire. Seems like his job is safe regardless since he signed a four year deal….unless they go 0-16 of course.

  1. January 15, 2019

    […] Bay Packers. The Packers have seemed to go the McVay method. After interviewing 10 candidates, they hired 39-year old Matt LaFleur (LaFleur was the last candidate to be interviewed). LaFleur replaces Mike […]

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