Top five Super Bowl moments in Patriots history

Yesterday we did the article giving you the top five Super Bowl moments for the Los Angeles Rams. Now it’s time to relive some of the greatest moments in the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl history.

Unlike the Rams, the Patriots have been to eight Super Bowls in the last 17 years before this one. Of the eight, they have won five. They’re looking to get their sixth victory this Sunday. The head coach and quarterback duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been there for all of them, including their first together against the Rams.

As we expect to get a lot more Super Bowl moments from the Patriots this year, let’s take a look at some of the best so far.

– New England Patriots Malcolm Butler & Dont’a Hightower – Seattle Seahawks Ricardo Lockette” by Jack Kurzenknabe is licensed under Public Domain

5. Patriots LB Mike Vrabel gives them the lead with a 1-yard TD

It was Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Carolina Panthers when the Patriots needed a special play to take the lead in the fourth quarter of a defensive game. It was a 14-13 game as the two teams headed into the fourth quarter. The two teams combined for 34 points in the fourth quarter, going back and forth in a wild game that ultimately lead to Vrabel’s goal line touchdown that would put New England up 29-22 with 2:51 remaining. The Patriots went on to win 32-29 (more on that later).


4. Rodney Harrison picks off Donovan McNabb to seal the deal

In their quest to win back-to-back Super Bowls to create this dynasty we all speak of, the Patriots took on the duo of Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb in Super Bowl XXXIX. It was another nail-biter, as the Patriots had a three-point lead with 46 seconds left in the game. However, there was still a chance for the Philadelphia Eagles. They had the ball, but when they got backed up to their own five-yard line, the pressure was on for QB Donovan McNabb. With 22 seconds left on the clock, McNabb dropped back and threw a pass 20 yards to his tight end, L.J. Smith. The pass came of Smith’s hands and was intercepted by Rodney Harrison for the second time. All that was left was a kneel from QB Tom Brady and they hoisted the Lombardi trophy for the third time in four years.


3. Adam Vinatieri boots a game-winning field goal again and again

These three Super Bowls were against the Rams, Panthers and Eagles, but Brady and the defense weren’t the only reasons for their success. Though Brady did set up the offense to win games, it was the foot of all-time great NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri showed no panic as he nailed field goal after field goal during the clutch moments of each of their Super Bowl wins. The only one we’ll focus on more is the 41-yard field goal with 10 seconds left in a tied game with the Panthers. There was no panic in Vinatieri, and probably not much doubt on either sideline that he was going to break the 29-29 tie with under 10 seconds left when he lined up for the kick. It was all set up by a bad kickoff from the Panthers after they just tied the game. Brady drove his team down the field just enough to get into Vinatieri’s range. The Iceman did not disappoint.


2. Malcolm Butler’s game-saving interception at the goal line.

It was another one of those games that went down to wire. This one was in Super Bowl XLIX when the Seattle Seahawks were looking to become the first team to get back-to-back titles since the Patriots did it 10 years prior. The Seahawks had a chance to do so, until they had one of the worst play calls in Super Bowl history. That play was QB Russell Wilson throwing a quick strike to WR Ricardo Lockette on the goal line, instead of handing it off to their beast RB Marshawn Lynch. At the moment, the Patriots were leading 28-24 after scoring a touchdown just before the two minute warning. With 26 seconds left in the game, a touchdown could’ve won it for the Seahawks. Unfortunately for them, the pass was intercepted by undrafted CB Malcolm Butler, who became the hero of that Super Bowl.


1. Brady leads the Patriots back from a 28-3 deficit against Falcons

The biggest Super Bowl moment for the Patriots is definitely their overtime comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Coach Dan Quinn and the Falcons came out on fire against Brady and the Patriots, as they got three first half touchdowns to take a 21-3 lead at halftime. The Falcons added another score early in third quarter to go up 28-3. The rest is history. Half way through the third quarter, the Patriots finally scored their first touchdown of the game. The rest of the game was all Brady and the Patriots.

The second half went a little like this: Punt, Punt, TD-Falcons, TD-Patriots, Punt, FG-Patriots, Punt, TD+2-Patriots, Fumble-Falcons, TD+2-Patriots, Punt. Then we went to overtime for the first time in Super Bowl history. We then watched Brady lead his team 75 yards on 10 plays to set up a game-winning touchdown from RB James White. This is the greatest ever Super Bowl moment for the Patriots. Brady has added his name to the record books with the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history.


Don’t forget to return Wednesday for the biggest moments of Super Bowl XXXVI between the Rams and Patriots before their big historical rematch this Sunday!


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