Texas Longhorns Basketball: Interview with PG Kerwin Roach

Kerwin Roach is the starting point guard for the Texas Longhorns. He leads Texas in scoring, averaging 15.0 points per game. Roach had his best game of the season against No. 7 North Carolina, where he dropped a career-high 32 points along with seven assists. Roach helped his team pull off the upset with a 92-89 victory.

Kerwin Roach

Kerwin Roach is currently a senior and has seen improvement each year at Texas. Roach has developed an outside game to compliment his slashing ability. He has additionally enhanced his free throw shooting, now being 74 percent from the free throw line. His previous was 65%. He has also continued his role as a distributor, averaging 3.1 assists per game.

Roach hopes to continue this improvement to a possible future in the NBA, where he is currently projected as a fringe first-round pick. Roach has loved basketball all of his life, and this is what he has to say about the sport and his team:

When and why did you begin playing basketball?

Kerwin Roach: “I began playing basketball ever since I was little, probably around the age of five, and my dad really put the ball in my hands.”


What was the defining factor that made you think basketball was the thing you would like to do for the rest of your life?

Kerwin Roach: “The defining factor in me choosing basketball for the rest of my life happened when I was a sophomore high school, and I had to give up playing football.”


Now that you’re a senior, what are your individual goals as a player this season?

Kerwin Roach: “To win as many games as I can while displaying leadership and toughness.”


What are your goals for the Texas basketball team this season?

Kerwin Roach: “[A] championship!”


What do you like about playing for Coach Shaka Smart?

Kerwin Roach: “He is a good motivator and mentor for not only basketball, but for life.”


What does Shaka Smart bring that other coaches don’t have?

Kerwin Roach: “[He brings] energy and compassion. [He also has a great] relationship with his players [that other coaches do not].”


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