Author: coloradosportshomer

Born in Cheyenne, WY, raised in Fort Collins, CO. I have been in love with Colorado sports since dreaming of being Patrick Roy during the 2001 Stanley Cup Finals.

2018-19 NBA Predictions: Northwest Division

Quick! Which division was the best in the NBA last year? If your pick wasn’t the Northwest, I have a lot of land in...


2018 NFL Predictions: AFC East

By Mickayeen Farner   1. New England Patriots 2017 Offseason and Review Record: 13-3 (first in AFC) Postseason Result: Took a Philly Special and...


2018 NFL Predictions: AFC South

By Mickayeen Farner   1. Houston Texans 2017 Offseason & Review Record: 4-12 (Tied for third in AFC South) Postseason Result: Watched the playoffs...


Predicting the Five National League Playoff Teams

By Mickayeen Farner  With roughly 40 games remaining for each team in Major League Baseball, races for playoff spots are heating up, which sets up...


Predicting the Five American League Playoff Teams

By Mickayeen Farner  A quick glace at the MLB standings right now will show you that each team has around 40 games remaining, meaning...

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