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Week 15 NFL picks

“NFL” by Parker Anderson is licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0 Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 9-7 Cullen: 10-6 Mickayeen: 9-7 Rahim: 7-9 Joel: 9-7 Adam: 7-9...


Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott becoming an elite QB?

77.8% completions for 455 yards, three TDs and two INTs. That was Dak Prescott’s stat line in a Cowboys win over the Philadelphia Eagles...


Top three NFL MVP rankings after Week 14

Ever since the first week of the season, I’ve been ranking the top five NFL MVP candidates. This week is different. This week I’ve...


Will an elite NFL defense prevail in the playoffs?

A 43-40 thriller ending in a field goal to win the game as time expires, or a 15-6 defensive game full of turnovers. Which...


Week 14 NFL picks

Source: Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 10-6 Cullen: 8-8 Mickayeen: 8-8 Rahim: 9-7 Joel: 9-7 Adam: 7-9 Kevin: 8-8 Josh: 11-5 Dan: 10-6 Christan: 8-8   Overall Prediction Records: Aman:...

NFL MVP rankings after Week 13

Top five NFL MVP rankings after Week 13

The top five NFL MVP rankings after Week 13 make another shift. We’ve got movement throughout the entire top five, with MVP candidates moving...

Notre Dame - College Football Playoff

Are the four best teams in the College Football Playoff?

Yesterday morning we found out which teams will be participating in the College Football Playoff. The four teams selected to be part of the...

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys prove they can compete in NFC, but can they really?

13-10. The final score of last night’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. If you didn’t watch the game, you may...

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