Author: RahimAli Merchant


Fourth Quarter Sports’ NBA Mock Draft 2.0

As we look ahead to the NBA Draft, teams are starting to plan for what they want in the draft and free agency. How...


What you may have missed this weekend: 06/13-06/16

Firstly, I’d like to say Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there. This is your weekend to get spoiled and pampered by all...


Buy or Sell: Durant’s decision, Gold Cup and Kawhi’s legacy

Here we are again! As we continued to watch the NHL and NBA wrap up their championship series, we bring you another week of...


What you may have missed this weekend: 6/7-6/9

This was another weekend full of sporting matches and games that we should have watched or kept up with. But if you missed it,...


Buy or Sell: MLB Draft and Copa America

We’re back with another weekly edition of Buy or Sell. This week things get interesting, as we talk about things we don’t get to...


What you may have missed this weekend: 5/30 – 6/2

It’s already been a week? And it’s already that time of the week to tell you what you might have missed and boy was...


Fourth Quarter Sports’ NBA Mock Draft 1.0

In the aftermath of the shocking results from the NBA Lottery on Tuesday, May 14th, many of us have already started buying Zion Williamson’s...


Buy or Sell: Champions League, NBA Finals, and NHL Finals

We are back for our weekly “Buy or Sell,” and this week is championship week for three major sports around the world. Those sports...

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