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Bob Stoops - Ohio State job

A Michigan fans short list of candidates for the Ohio State job

News broke on Monday that Urban Meyer is officially retiring, again. This move leaves a premier program, Ohio State, without a head coach after...

Notre Dame - College Football Playoff

Are the four best teams in the College Football Playoff?

Yesterday morning we found out which teams will be participating in the College Football Playoff. The four teams selected to be part of the...


College Football games to watch: Conference Championship games

The stage has finally been set for an exciting finish to the 2018 college football season. This is the week where we found out...


The Big O’s: Oklahoma vs. Ohio State Playoff resumes

And so, as another fascinating season college football season begins to wind down, we’re left with an interesting question. Between the Oklahoma Sooners and...


College Football games to watch: Week 13

This is the last full week of College Football before the championship games. That means this will be the last time I will be...


Buy or Sell: Saints, Ravens and Buckeyes

In an all-football edition of Buy or Sell, RahimAli, Joel and I look at whether a certain aging quarterback could hang it up after...


The Swag Factor: Meditations on Willie Taggart

4-8, that’s my prediction for a Florida State football program on life support to close out its most embarrassing season in decades. Drastic? Hyperbole?...


College Football games to watch: Week 12

  As we get closer to the end of the college football season, mostly all teams are focusing on their plans for conference title...

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