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What you missed this weekend: 5/17-5/19

Although most leagues around the world are coming to a close, What you missed this weekend won’t. This weekend, things continue to become more exciting in...


Atlanta Braves start season with potential, set-backs

Note: Article originally published in The Talon; Dacula High School’s Newspaper and is up to date as of April 19, 2019.     After finishing last year’s season...


Buy or Sell: Toronto Raptors, NL MVP and Kevin Durant

This week we are back to the traditional “Buy or Sell,” where we focus on more than one sport at a time. Over the...


Buy or Sell: C.C. Sabathia, Boston Red Sox, and Albert Pujols

We are back with another week of “Buy or Sell” and this is more like the last few that we did because we are...


What you may have missed this weekend: 4/25 – 4/28

Behind all the mayhem of the NFL Draft and where each of the top college football players will go, we might have forgotten that...


What you may have missed this weekend: 4/18-4/21

In the midst of all the scavenger hunts for the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, you might have missed some of the biggest sports...


What you may have missed this weekend: 4/12 -4/14

This is the first weekend of the NBA playoffs, and we are set for an exciting one. It’s also the Season 8 premiere of...


2019 MLB Predictions Preview: Playoffs

Today is the day we will finally see the MLB season swing for the fences in America, as we already saw the Seattle Mariners...

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