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Jason Witten is back, but Cowboys aren’t out of the TE woods yet

JASON WITTEN IS BACK!!! Get excited Cowboys fans!  After retiring and spending time in the broadcast booth a season ago, TE Jason Witten will...


Who’s feeling the pressure of Wild Card weekend?

Today kicks off the Wild Card weekend. Eight teams looking to keep their hopes alive and better their chances of winning a Super Bowl....


Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott becoming an elite QB?

77.8% completions for 455 yards, three TDs and two INTs. That was Dak Prescott’s stat line in a Cowboys win over the Philadelphia Eagles...


NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 15 (championship)

Have you made it to the championship of your fantasy football league? Or maybe it’s still the semifinals and you need to figure out...


Cowboys are right where Eagles want them

A lot of people associated with the Dallas Cowboys were bouncing off the walls in excitement when they witnessed their beloved team beat the...


NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 14 (first round playoffs)

Did you do just enough to get you the win in your league and make the playoffs? Or are you already in the playoffs...

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys prove they can compete in NFC, but can they really?

13-10. The final score of last night’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys. If you didn’t watch the game, you may...


NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 13

Was your NFL fantasy game a dogfight last week? Or were you lucky enough to have played the last place guy in your NFL...

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