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The Canton Worthy: Defensive Backs

After looking at head coaches on Wednesday and then linemen on both sides of the ball yesterday, I wrap up the week (but not...


The underwhelming NFL Coaching Carousel spins on!

The NFL coaching Carousel is in full swing! If you’re a fan of the Denver Broncos, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns or Green Bay Packers,...


New Year’s resolutions for every AFC team who missed the playoffs

A new year has come, and with it the many resolutions we swear to. Each year we promise we are going to go to...


Will an elite NFL defense prevail in the playoffs?

A 43-40 thriller ending in a field goal to win the game as time expires, or a 15-6 defensive game full of turnovers. Which...

Buy or Sell - Orlando Magic

Buy or Sell: Chiefs, Wolverines, Top Defensive Units, Mets, OROY and Magic

Extra-sized Buy or Sell this week as Joel, RahimAli and I tackle six topics. These topics range from a tight race in the AFC...

Wild Card teams

Wild Card watch: Thoughts and predictions on NFC and AFC Wild Card teams

‘Tis the season for football fans everywhere to gather around the computer to predict and debate their thoughts on who will clinch the final...


AFC West Thoughts: Week Seven

Instead of starting this with the best team and working my way toward the basement, this week I’m going to look at teams in...


Week 7 NFL Picks

Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 8-7 Cullen: 10-5 Mickayeen: 7-8 Rahim: 11-4 Joel: 10-5 Adam: 11-4   Overall Prediction Records: Aman: 39-37-1 Cullen: 50-26-1 Mickayeen: 42-34-1 Rahim: 43-33-1...

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