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English Premier League week 32 preview: Will Tottenham dent Liverpool’s title run?

Now we enter the latter end of the English Premier League season when everything matters. Every game can determine who wins and who is...


English Premier League week 25 preview: Does Arsenal stand a chance against Manchester City?

Thirteen weeks left, 130 Premier League matches to go, 17 teams still in the hunt, seven with a fair shot and six matches to...


English Premier League week 17 preview: Liverpool to extend lead at the top?

As we begin to start wrapping up the first half of this year’s Premier League season, there are still a few key matches to...


English Premier League Sunday Derbies preview: Will London be red or blue?

The Premier League schedule surely cannot have been randomized, as this week, fans are treated to not just one or two, but THREE DERBIES!...


English Premier League Week 12 Preview: Can Manchester United Put up a Challenge in the Manchester Derby?

With the last Premier League weekend upon us before another International break, this week poses some new questions, especially on Sunday. This weekend will...


English Premier League Week 10 Sunday & Monday Preview: Can Manchester United Come Back Against Everton?

In the unfolding of the story of this Premier League season, it feels as if every single match is becoming more and more difficult...


English Premier League Week 10 Saturday Preview: Can Wolves Recover at Brighton?

From start to finish, the Premier League weekend will be filled with competitive, eye-catching matches. First thing Saturday morning, Wolves will look to bounce...

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