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NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 15 (championship)

Have you made it to the championship of your fantasy football league? Or maybe it’s still the semifinals and you need to figure out...


NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 14 (first round playoffs)

Did you do just enough to get you the win in your league and make the playoffs? Or are you already in the playoffs...


NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 13

Was your NFL fantasy game a dogfight last week? Or were you lucky enough to have played the last place guy in your NFL...


Buy or Sell: Saints, Ravens and Buckeyes

In an all-football edition of Buy or Sell, RahimAli, Joel and I look at whether a certain aging quarterback could hang it up after...


NFL fantasy waiver wire: Week 12

How was Week 11 without some of your key players? I found myself losing in a league where I had Michel, Drake and Landry...


What you may have missed in sports 11/17 – 11/18

In the unfortunate case you didn’t get to watch sports this past weekend, Fourth Quarter Sports has a recap of the events you may...


2018 NFL Predictions: AFC North

By Adam Hatlan Ah, the AFC North. The “black and blue” division, as I like to call it. A division that has been dominated...


Which Rookie Quarterback Will Start First?

Five rookie quarterbacks were selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Now that they’ve been selected, everyone is wondering when they’re...

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