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Will LeBron and the Lakers really miss the playoffs?

Will the NBA Playoffs be without LeBron James for the first time since 2005?


In addition to lack of urgency, LeBron’s Lakers lack several factors

For those of you who know me, you know how big of a Lakers fan I am. Although I’ve spent the last 16 years...


Welcome to the Anthony Davis sweepstakes

Where Anthony Davis lands in free agency or a trade will change the direction of the NBA for years to come.


Buy or Sell Six-Pack: Murray, Patriots, Bears, Ariza, Big Ten Basketball, Doncic

In the last Buy or Sell of 2018 (yep, we’re taking off next week), RahimAli, Joel and I are taking an expanded look at...

Lonzo Ball

All aboard the Lonzo Ball bandwagon

By Jett Hatton Lonzo Ball was arguably the most hyped up player coming into the NBA since the likes of his own teammate, LeBron...


The trails of two best friends together for the last time…

Now I know everyone has to have that best friend you’ve known for at least half your life. I know I have one. He’s...

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