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Top three offseason needs for every NFC North team

Now that the NFL season is officially over, teams are turning their attention to how they can get better in the offseason. Teams will...


The Canton Worthy: Linemen

Today, I’m taking a look at the five linemen who are finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame. Among them, one is a center,...


Wild Card watch: Update on the race with three weeks remaining

Two weeks ago I posted a blog about the wildcard picture in both the AFC and NFC. With three weeks remaining in the season, I...


Week 15 NFL picks

“NFL” by Parker Anderson is licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0 Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 9-7 Cullen: 10-6 Mickayeen: 9-7 Rahim: 7-9 Joel: 9-7 Adam: 7-9...


Week 13 NFL picks

Source: Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 12-3 Cullen: 10-5 Mickayeen: 13-2 Rahim: 10-5 Joel: 12-3 Adam: 11-4 Kevin: 8-7 Josh: 11-4 Dan: 12-3 Christan: 10-5   Overall Prediction Records: Aman:...


What every NFL fan base should be thankful for this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Fourth Quarter Sports! We hope you enjoy your day with family, friends and football. Can’t forget...


Week 12 NFL picks

Source: Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 8-5 Cullen: 8-5 Mickayeen: 9-4 Rahim: 3-10 Joel: 7-6 Adam: 8-5 Kevin: 7-6 Josh: 7-6 Dan: 4-9 Christan: 8-5   Overall Prediction Records: Aman:...

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