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NFL Playoffs

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round picks

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs gets under way this weekend! Last week’s Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs was full of...


NFL Wild Card game picks

Colts at Texans, Seahawks at Cowboys, Chargers at Ravens and Eagles at Bears. It’s the NFL Wild Card round! With the regular season over,...


Week 17 NFL picks

Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 13-3 Cullen: 11-5 Mickayeen: 11-5 Rahim: 10-6 Joel: 10-6 Adam: 11-5 Kevin: 9-7 Josh: 11-5 Dan: 10-6 Christan: 11-5...

Week 16 NFL picks

Week 16 NFL picks

Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 10-6 Cullen: 8-8 Mickayeen: 11-5 Rahim: 8-8 Joel: 7-9 Adam: 7-9 Kevin: 13-3 Josh: 10-6 Dan: 9-7 Christan: 10-6 Dennis: 12-4   Overall Prediction Records:...


Are the Eagles better without Wentz?

Beating the New England Patriots 41-33 in last season’s Super Bowl. Beating the now 11-3 Los Angeles Rams 30-23 last night. What do these...


Cowboys are right where Eagles want them

A lot of people associated with the Dallas Cowboys were bouncing off the walls in excitement when they witnessed their beloved team beat the...


Week 14 NFL picks

Source: Last Week’s Prediction Records: Aman: 10-6 Cullen: 8-8 Mickayeen: 8-8 Rahim: 9-7 Joel: 9-7 Adam: 7-9 Kevin: 8-8 Josh: 11-5 Dan: 10-6 Christan: 8-8   Overall Prediction Records: Aman:...

Wild Card teams

Wild Card watch: Thoughts and predictions on NFC and AFC Wild Card teams

‘Tis the season for football fans everywhere to gather around the computer to predict and debate their thoughts on who will clinch the final...

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